We su-Speck you'll want this stuff

I have the A-Line 13 Notebook bag. I love it except for a few odd things. The front has a button closure that took some time to get used to. On the inside there is a zipper pocket that is divided in half. One side is just barely big enough to hold my older zune player, but it may have been made with a smaller device in mind.
The inside is soft and nicely cushioned. I am able to fit a tablet and a netbook inside, as well as the cords and a few other things. It makes a nice travel bag when I am on a long car trip.

I’m putting in a good word for the Pixelskin. Haven’t dropped my phone yet… that’s a good criteria for me.

Those iPod cases are 4th gen, right? Maybe I missed reading that somewhere, but I like to be double-sure about things like that. (With my luck, at least)

2 white cats have ended my ownership of anything cloth that is black.

Question: Is the strap long enough for it to fit across my body or just on my shoulder?

Does anyone know if “Speck SPK-A0992 BookWrap for Kindle Fire, Pomodoro” will fit the new ipad mini that launches next week? Based off of size estimates?

The strap is not long enough to go across my body, definitely a shoulder bag.

Anyone know if the newest MacBook Pro 13" (non retina, sob) will fit in the A-Line 13 Notebook bag?

Totally didn’t realize the time difference. Any chance I can still buy one of these TT?

Not TT, but I will say once we’ve moved on, we’ve moved on. :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for future sales!