We Work All Day

I pine for the work day to end. Oak-ay?

I like brown shirts.

Does a shirt purchase include a free pair of high heels?

Perfect gift for the Off Kilter fan. ((ducks))

Off Kilter’s final performance at EPCOT was Sept 27, 2014. They were replaced with a lumberjack show much to the chagrin of the fan base.

Thank you, shirtwoot! for the soundtrack that will curve through tonight’s oddly accented cheerfully musical flannel cosseted dream.

The California Redwood is spelled “REDWOOD,” not two words as you have it on this shirt.

Yeah the grammar cop in me would have a hard time with this shirt because of that. Otherwise I love it. Just one fatal flaw…

Unless trevorstearns is reading this and can fix before it’s printed…

Oh, how I wish! The one time I let using a dictionary for spelling slip by and this happens! Hmmm…just take it as the Redwood being chopped in two by the intrepid lumberjack!

There’s nothing like Hava Nagila, or Wipeout on bagpipes.

Such a great shirt other than that, but I’d get torn apart if I wore it around friends and family. They’re grammar jackals.

The Larch.
The Larch.

Seriously, a max hoodie size of XL? Are you F*cking kidding me woot?

Cool shirt. Makes me wanna go cut down a big tree. I hope woot has a cool big saw like that in the side deals. Firewood, here I come!

Sold out of high heels.
But, they will include suspenders and a bra.

It’s also the “Scot’s pine” and not a Scotch pine.

Close, it’s Scots Pine (no apostrophe)

Scotch Pine is an acceptable variant, but used in North America – so probably not sung by a Lumberjack who is okay and wearing high heels, suspendies and a bra.

Really! What’s a big, strapping lumberjack going to wear?

This seems too subtle for anyone to get. I’m quite familiar with that song, but I had to go to the comments to figure it out.

I think it has the opposite problem. It would be worth buying if it had “Redwood” correct and dropped the ‘we’re okay’ line of text. I can appreciate a subtle design and this is not. It tries too hard and seems rushed.