WE3TEES - tgentry, twallis, and soothedbyrainfall

OK, so that’s two T’s and an S, but you get the idea.

We’re happy to announce a shirt shop featuring many of our designs that weren’t printed here at shirt.woot! We have over 25 designs currently up. If there’s one we’re missing you might be interested in, just ask!

  • soothedbyrainfall, twallis, and tgentry


Wow… we have our first supergroup Spreadshirt site!

Hahah, we’re the Wings of the woot shirt world.

Better than Supertramp, I guess!

How’d you manage to get the “starting at under $12” thing to work? I thought they pretty much forced you to charge about $14-16?

Yeah, you are. I have to revamp my Spreadshirt site… a lot of unpopular designs are too far to the top. You got a good selection there, tg. Good luck!

Maybe soothed can chime in on that one. She did all the heavy lifting to get the site up and running. I know we kept our commissions low so we could pass the savings on to you!

Thanks, Skek.

Very cool…I will have to peruse the selection further. Any chance of eventually getting twallis’s Lego minifig shirt?

Of course, a good portion of my closet is already taken up by Wallis/Wallis/Gentry shirts. I suspect this will increase that proportion.

The rest is Cho, right :wink:

Pssst…Don’t tell the Ducky, but I don’t think I actually own a Cho!

Wearing Pocket FishMan as we speak, tho!:wink:

I have two Cho’s: Duck Hunt and Rocky Raccoon. I’m sure the Lego request will make it’s way to twallis. Thanks!

I have a Wallis- Creatures from the Black Lagoon. First woot shirt I bought that wasn’t my own. Wife has a Cho, daughter does too. Wish I had that blob Gentry, but never got it.

I have that one, and whenever I wear it, my son points at it and says “Eating Healthy!!” (Ironic that, since eating healthy is something he does not do.) (Hubby has Spawn of the Black Lagoon.)

my 3 yr old gets very serious when I have the Spawn shirt on and tells me that the tadpoles are going to turn into monsters, and points at the monster(s). he’s fascinated.

You should put a link to the book here too.

I have a Cho on today. Every time I look at it, I wish it wasn’t on the stupid beige tee. I hate that beige tee! It is the squirrel gothic shirt.

My son has that one. I like the blob.

I won’t lie, I find a couple of these designs baffling, insofar as they’re solid work from solid designers sent straight to a Print-on-Demand site. Especially “Mine!”, though I bet if you used spreadshirt’s flock print on that one, it will come out epic.

Still, since you’re looking for requests as well, a couple designs I’d love to see, either here or working the contest circuit (seriously, the three of you should sign up at teefury… if nothing else it’ll get some exposure for the store) would be Atomic Queen from Graffiti, The Occasional Stretch from Motion (this could potentially do some serious damage in the contest circuit) and SBR’s “sheep go to heaven” design, which I’d def. pick up if made available, when I could afford to

And since we’re all talking gentries we own, I’ve got Eating Healthy, Ocean REM, Suburban Blitzkrieg, and Monkey Play (not to mention the Going out Faster collab). Which is admittedly more than I realized I owned.

I have a few questions.

  1. What is the quality of these t-shirts?
  2. Do you still own the intellectual or whatever rights to these images, or did you forfeit them to spreadshirt?
  3. If you made enough money is it possible you might start your own t-shirt printing place?
  4. How much $ do you make per shirt?

Oh, I didn’t list all the Gentry/Wallis/Wallis designs my husband and I own, but if I did:

Ocean REM
Dragontines Day
Watch it Grow
Eating Healthy
Lady of Spain, Matadore You
2 x Shark Repellent (not sure if that was the name)–From SBR’s cafepress store
Biloxi Brawlers - also from SBR’s cafepress store
Spawn of the Black Lagoon

I feel like I’ve forgotten a couple…there may be more than that. I thought that I’d bought at least one SBR design from woot.

And I like the cream color shirts, d’name! (I may be the only person who does!)