WE3TEES - tgentry, twallis, and soothedbyrainfall


i got a rock.

This reminds me of my very first woot contest entry, on July 29, 2005:
(Yes, it is quite primitive. But I still find it worth a chuckle.) I should post this in Daj’s Halloween fun thread.


no1, if you buy a shirt then you can compare too!

no1 wouldn’t buy his own shirt if it won. He is proud of his white square.

I’d bet the farm he has a closet full of shirts under another name.

lady pooh,




d’oh! i thought it was saunders.

It seemed right to me too, then I couldn’t find a picture searching with Saunders.

Been watching AbFab or French & Saunders lately maybe?

um, no.

mabe i’m just old.


Puh-lease! Don’t start with that.

i just looked in the mirror. i have faint circles under my eyes.

btw, i think this cartoon is funneh.

Most parents with small kids have circles under their eyes.

Yes, but these circles are faint, which is very uncommon. his child must be fairly lethargic.

Good point, Fen.

Some have circles. Some have black holes into which all energy has been drained.

miss 1 is usually an angel.

It’s quite possible Miss1 is hitting the Terrible Twos early. snicker

i was thinking of diverting the money i’ve saved by not bying t shirts into buying some stock in the stock market, but i thought i had another day to figure out what to buy.