Weatherproof All Terrain Cart, Silver/Blue

Weatherproof All Terrain Cart, Silver/Blue

Could you clarify the difference between the carts available on woot?

I am just having a difficult time reconciling the videos, pictures, and descriptions and figuring out which cart is actually being offered in each listing. Please help. Thanks!

The video for this cart seems to show the Plus One model, with the large rounded wheels, whereas the photos show the squared-off wheels. The description says the cart weighs 22 pounds with a carrying load of 300 pounds, compared to the 600-pound capacity and 31-pound weight of the black cart. But the photos look identical to the black cart, except the color. Is there a model number associated with this cart?

Hi there. Sorry about that.

Mighty Max updated their wheels (no longer round/fat). Looks like they need to update the video. We’ve removed it for now.

Thanks for the update! Researching a little, looks like the “Plus One” was a kickstarter campaign for a while.

Looks like the black cart is heavier original model and has a 600-pound capacity?

And the gray or blue ones are lighter and have a 300-pound capacity?

We are sorry that we have not been able to update our videos as of yet, showing our new wheels. The new wheels work fabulous in most terrains, with the only exception in deep soft powdery sand with over 85 pounds on the cart base. Packed sand, wet sand, and soft sand that has a 2" soft base before it gets solid, they work well. The larger wider wheels we use to have also would not work well in the deep soft sand with over 85 pounds on the cart base. Our new 3" wide wheels work great on most terrains, with the only exception of deep soft powdery sand.

The new wheels carry more weight and roll easier with heavy loads on hard floors, they have much more traction where 2.5" width touches the ground instead of only 3/4" with the old style wider bubble wheels. All CARTS are rated at 250 - 300 Pounds.

The dolly Carts with the Dolly wheels will hold 400 pounds, but on solid concrete or solid floors, not all terrains.

We will try and post a brochure going over the differences in the wheels. Thank you for your question. JC

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All of our MMC carts with colored wheels are multi-terrain and are rated to 250 pounds maximum on sold ground or concrete.

The wider see through socked dolly wheels are rated at 300+ on concrete or sold floors and are designed for a more commercial application like moving cart, warehouse cart, and dollies. The MMD Dolly cart wheels are not designed for outdoor multi-terrains. We need to update the weights and limits on all of our videos.
Hope this helps.

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We have to update our old videos to reflect the dolly wheels, with maximum loads of 300+. The Dolly Carts can handle much heavier loads, but only on solid floors or concrete. These wheels re basically for warehouses, moving carts, and solid flooring.

Our MMC carts with multiple colors of wheels, are rated at 250 pounds maximum loads, but they can handle all kinds of terrains like gravel, sand, grass, and uneven concrete.

Please note. We do not market or MMC Carts for deeps soft powdery sand applications.

Thank you, JC

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Yes, we are sorry. We had anticipated on changing over to our new 3" wide Multi-Terrain wheels in July or August of this year. But this years sales have skyrocketed and we ran out much sooner than we had forecast. The new wheels are much better than the old style wider bubble wheels, and it is all explained in the brochure we posted. We hope that Woot can add that front / back brochure to this ad. JC

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We will post a hyper link showing the comparison of the old style and new style wheels later today. JC

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I received this multi-terrain cart, and it is really fantastic so far. Assembly was fairly intuitive and instructions were good. Feels sturdy, and I am a big fan of the wheels – much smoother-rolling than many wagons I have had. Thanks for the clarifications, to help me choose the right product for me. I am very pleased.

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