WeatherX Dynamo Flashlight/Radio w/ NOAA Weather Band

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WeatherX Dynamo Flashlight/Radio w/ NOAA Weather Band
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 WeatherX Dynamo Flashlight/Radio w/ NOAA Weather Band - RWB4006

Decent Woot. Just something I don’t need now.
Somehow I still want to click the I Want One Button.

I guess I’ll just wait in the shadows till the next WOOT.

2-rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries (included) makes me want it, as I hate to buy batteries. Also I live in Tornado Alley. Why must I be tempted so much?

Siren and personal security alert is a funny thing to have. Think if I carry it around with me, It would scare off Criminals?

$12.99 is so tempting. Will go fast! Lots of people buying 3!

WeatherX Dynamo Flashlight/Radio w/ NOAA Weather Band
which each cost $12.99
for a subtotal of $38.97
plus shipping $5.00
for a total of $43.97

We’re in the summer already. We won’t be using this for a long time

This is great for hurrican seasons. Or just for fun without wasting cash on batteries.

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Dr. Demento always says “Wind up your radios!”

the dependency on the crank is suspect. you can spend a long time cranking for very little benefit.


Sad, I’m a meteorology major and I still don’t want this, maybe if it was digital scan or if I knew whether or not it could be set to only alert if there was a warning…but for now, nope

This is a good price for this item, though. I’ve seen worse versions of this for $20 at Costco. Think Christmas presents for the hunters/outdoorsmen in your life.

this is actually a really good deal, how much does it weigh?

i got one last time… and the crank doesn’t work.

NO noise while hunting :P~ , But That makes me ask does this have a headphone jack ?

Got one! Today, I learned you can never be too prepared!

Almost looks like a tyco toy

Not too shabby. Sound investment for someone like me living in southern Mississippi.

You obviously don’t live anywhere near the coast…poor thing. Here in southeastern NC this type of thing is a ‘must have’.

The earlier one was cooler cuz i had a solar power charging option…good for the beach…

did anyone read the bottom doesnt include AA batteries (like the 4th last line) and then the last line it says AA batteries included? are they included or not?