Web hosting advice?


I’m trying to find the best “deal” for hosting my website. I’m pretty much in the dark on where to start, what company to use, etc. All I have so far is a domain name…I’m looking to go from there!

Does anyone have a specific company that they use and are happy with? Thanks for the help!


I can look into it some but all I can tell you right now is NOT Network Solutions.


We manage a site for our daughter’s high school band and have used Blue Host for the last 2 years. So far we are very happy with them. Lots of disk space and bandwidth.


I work at a nationwide ISP. We have everything from dial up to T1’s to web hosting. Free tech support also. You should check out the different plans and what is included in them. http://www.toast.net/services/hosting


I recommend 1and1.com. Cheap and easy, and they have served me well so far.


ok here is the deal i have 3 domain names and 2 of which i got from www.startlogic.com
its a great hosting site great prices, like 5 bucks a month and the let you use frontpage to design your site if you want or you can use their easy to use editor. they also have GREAT support. they have live chat with operators that help you with every thing and never let you down and much more… thats www.startlogic.com


so no ones read or even looked at my post yet… i try and help and i dont get so much as a thank you… people these days!


Or, she took your advice and never came back or she posted her question and never checked back . . .


Last day…

1 year webhost, 2 domains, 750GB transfer, 20GB storage for $10

  1. visit www.netfirms.com/max
  2. enter promo code: MAX


Do you have to sign up for more than one year?




eh, I don’t make desisions on short notice, so I’m gonna pass.

(woot is an exception to the rule)


I am sure there will be others…there always are.


Anyone have any experience with GoDaddy as a web host? I’ve registered a couple of domain names there, but have always hosted them at 1PlanHost.com. Ever since 1PlanHost was taken over by IHost last April, though, technical support has been poop. They don’t seem to have a 1st-tier support staff that’s specifically dedicated to their company, but contract out support to another company.

GoDaddy seems to be pretty good feature-wise: lots of disk space (5 GB for less than $4 a month) and extras (most of which I don’t need). I’m just wondering if their support is fairly responsive and knowledgeable.


I haven’t tried them personally but I’ve only heard good things

If your going to use them, do a google search cause there’s always a coupon out


I highly highly recommend Dreamhost. I have used them myself for a while now.

$9.95 / mo for 20 Gigabytes of space and one terabyte of transfer a month. I have never ever used up all of either.

Use promo code “RDA789” to waive the $49.95 setup fee on the first monthly plan or to take a one time $20 credit for any other plan. Cheers!



so im guessing you didnt use start logic lol. and umm i have heard good things about go daddy too. www.effectiveedge.tv uses go daddy check out the site. they talk about using godaddy in the forums.


Unfortunately, Dreamhost doesn’t offer Windows hosting. Well, they do through a partnership with Hosting.com, but it’s almost $18 a month for only 500 MB disk space. What is really strange, though, is that Dreamhost’s level 2 and 3 plans now cost the same, but have different storage and bandwidth allotments.


Anyone heard anything about Mochahost?

I’m still shopping around…and waiting for my new laptop to come in zee mail.


Do you need a Windows Host or a Linux/Unix Host, or does it matter? Do you plan on designing the site yourself or are you going to hire someone to do it? Are you planning on selling products through your site? Do you need blog software or photo gallery software? Different hosts will have different features included with their hosting packages.