Website design help


I have experience with website design but need help. I need to build a website where users can have user names and passwords and can bid and buy things. What website creater should i use (dreamweaver, front page ect.) and does any one have any tutorials that can help me? Please Help!


i’ve always heard dreamweaver to be a bit better, but that could be anti-microsoft prejudice… the biggest work would be in the back-end though, especially working with a secure site for purchases… if you’re not doing that yourself, you might want to just get someone who can do it all, or use a template type thing from your store’s host


yah, i need to find a new host b/c the one i have used before has had a lot of space but the templates are complete crap. is what i used before can you recomend any hosts?



I’ll check godaddy out and let you know