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Hey i found this idea on and thought it was a pretty good idea. I thought i would search the internet to see if there are any websites like this out there but i cant figure out what to search or call this idea. Mabey some one can help me.

“Human Auction Site
Don’t worry - not what the title may suggest. I propose a site from which members could share abilities. For example: I am in a band. We have made a record, but we need some album art. So in return, we search for an artist to some album art. The artist could be given our music free. Alternatively, a proprietary currency could be used which could be exchanged according to the difficulty/length of the task. This money could be exchanged for real money, allowing people to make money with the site. Bids could be made, with the task going to the lowest bidder.
Alternatively, you could help people by offering services free to everyone/certain people, with awards for the most ‘charitable’. All sorts of services, from proofreading to instructional/teaching services could be exchanged. It could also provide a marketplace for independant music/films/literature without publishers etc.”
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Please help me!


I really think something like this should be created. I had a similar idea 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I’m not a web designer by any means.

I’m a musician, animator, photographer, illustrator, etc. and having a site where I can search for someone with a specific talent would be so nice. It’s a win-win situation. If i’m making a film and need someone who can… play the jaw-harp, I could find that person. And that person would be happy that their talent can be put to good use for someone.

If there’s not a site like it already, I hope someone makes one soon!


Try Googling “barter”. Over 9 million matches.


If you have the appropriate hosting package and some web/application savvy, you can do almost anything with this free, open source package. The community is great and there are endless plugins and mods for it. I could probably put together a site like that but don’t have the time. I thought about doing a barter site at one time, sort of a better ebay for trading services or goods.


Great Idea, but people will take advantage of it.
Like this


But back to my original question, does any one know what to call this so i can see if it already is around. If some one could build a site like this i would be very thankful. I have a little experence with web design ill see what i can do.



yah but the idea is a little different then a barter.


Its like an ability services barter…


Then Google…

barter services

I already found a couple sites.


ill google that but can you list the sites you already found please


i didn’t find anything, ill try again.

#13 a friend uses this all the time


cool ill check it out, thanks