Wedderspoon Gold Raw Chilean Honey (4)

Wedderspoon Gold Raw Chilean Honey 4-Pack
$39.99 $67.96 41% off List Price
Wedderspoon Gold Raw Tiaca Honey, 8.8 oz 2-Pack
Wedderspoon Gold Raw Ulmo Honey, 8.8 oz 2-Pack


I’m so uncouth, only my wallet can distinguish between all the different kinds of honey.

That good?
What’s the wine/food pairing with this?

"Chinese honey is cheap, diluted with high-fructose corn syrup and sweeteners, and tainted with crazy chemicals and antibiotics.

In 2001, Chinese beekeepers experienced an epidemic of the foulbrood disease that ransacked their hives. They fought off the disease with strong animal antibiotics, including chloramphenicol — a carcinogenic antibiotic that’s been banned by the FDA. As recently as 2010, the FDA confiscated $32,000 worth of imported Chinese honey that was contaminated with this drug."

I’m not sure what connection this has to today’s offering. This honey is from Chile, not China. Could you elucidate?

They were telling you to be wary of Chinese honey if you’re not buying expensive honey. This offering, however, gives me the idea to get my dad some fancier jars and sell his honey for 500x the price…

At least in the midwest you can find high quality pesticide free local honey for relatively cheap (In middle Northern Nebraska it is about $4.5 per lb). Luckily, we let some people use some land to raise honey and they give us ~50 lbs a year for free. I can taste the differences in all honey, and while this is probably amazing, I wouldn’t touch $20 / lb of honey.

Raw honey? So how do you cook it?

I say it’s ranked in my top two of wine woot purchases YMMV.

I would not know it usually is helping with a hangover the next morning…

In Chile this honey is probably less than $2 a jar in non tourist shops.

This honey pairs beautiful with sharp cheese, also over your fruit such as Pears. Delicious in a smoothie!

You are almost right.
I’m from Chile. The price per Kg of Miel de Ulmo is about Us$10. So this stuff is 4 times more. You are paying the shipping, the nice jar, the label and the premium of being “organic” (whatever it means).
Worth it? It’s up to you. If you are used to eat chuck steak and you like it, probably will appreciate a new york strip.

OK, the weather is getting to me. When I looked out of the corner of my eye at the picture of the jars I thought they were eyeball cufflinks.

Oh well, back on the meds…

Purchased this the last time it was offered. I love to try different varieties and must say both were quite different from American honey.

All things said, I still prefer my Tupelo, Orange Blossom and Sourwood.

Bought this last time and It is in a word: amazing.
I don’t like the price but if you wanna dance,youse gots to pay the piper.

Must be on a slow boat from Chile.

I’m not certain why your order has yet to ship out.

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He’s not the only one…nothing in almost a month! Already emailed and telling me Woot monkeys are working on it is not a good answer! Pretty much done with Woot…

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