Weed Eater 25cc 2 Stroke Blower

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Weed Eater 25cc 2 Stroke Blower
Price: $54.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Let Stihl teach you all about the safe and courteous use of leaf blowers

Obligatory: “This deal blows.”

170mph, fast enough that if you tape it to your computer chair it will spin you right round, like a record, baby.

Only people who hate their neighbors buy two stroke blowers.

Has anyone else noticed what a cute little robot face it has?

I have this exact leaf blower.
It’s okay if you’re moving small piles of leaves…but if they’re small enough for this blower, they’re small enough for a rake.

If you get lots of leaves…look elsewhere.

Mine seems pretty stout, but I am dealing with pecan leaves, which are easy to move.

When I received mine, it would occasionally die out of the blue. The fuel line was kinking up in side the tank. Adjusted the angle of the line, and problem solved.

My starting preocedure;

1.full choke and open throttle
2.three pulls (engine sputters on 3rd pull)
3.set to half choke
4.starts after 1-2 more pulls

Good blower for the money.

I find it deeply disturbing that I read, verified that it does, indeed, have a wicked cute little robot face, and said ‘awwww.’ out loud.

I’ve had mine for two years. Works like a champ. Who cares if it’s loud? Put in some earphones and DO WORK!!! If your neighbors can’t handle a few minutes of loud yard tool action, you probably don’t hang out with them in the first place.

This is a good deal.