WeedEater 22-in Cordless Hedge Trimmer

**Item: **WeedEater 22-in Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Price: $44.99
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Condition: New

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Really good reviews at Home Depot

Is it me or does this look like a plastic toy?

I recently bought Ryobi’s hedge trimmer, and I do think quality tools are worth the upcharge. That one is $99 at the big orange place, with battery & charger. ($60 as a bare tool.) Lithium-ion is great; long shelf life and full voltage (until you suddenly lose all of it, but recharge is quick).

All the Ryobi 18v tools can use any Ryobi 18v battery. (Ditto their competitors, but few seem to make cordless hedge trimmers.)

Warning: These are much less exciting than the 120v corded trimmers. I almost miss the tension and suspense: will I sever the supply cord with the trimmer? How bad a shock will I get when I do so?

The Home Depot price is $74.99

The Lowe’s price is $69.99

Elsewhere $69.90 before selling out


Seems pretty useless unless you order two in order to have a second battery charged all the time. So it will cost you $45.00 for the second battery and spare parts. Not unheard of as I have bought Dewalt drills before just because they came with two batteries and the batteries ended up cheaper that way.

I hate these kinds of trimmers. They chop all the branches to the same level, which eventually results in a “balloon” of growth around the outside of the plant while it becomes completely bare and hollow inside.

So if you lose a branch you have an ugly bare spot that takes forever to recover. And if you want to downsize the plant or change it’s shape you are out of luck because trimming more than a couple of inches means exposing the naked interior of the plant.

Not just you. That was my first impression.

It seems to be very convenient. Hope my mother would like it.

I saw them talk about this on Ask This Old House. They recommended hand-trimming, but with hundreds of feet of ficus, most over six-feet high, this ain’t gonna happen. Is there another type of powered trimmer that I consider? Or a different technique using one like this?

My first experience with a trimmer was last year and sure enough 10 minutes in I severed the extension cord. Thankfully didn’t shock myself!

This looks like a decent deal but nicad is definitely not ideal though. Should be a decent pickup for small yard work.

If I added up the cost of all of the 100 foot orange power cords that I’ve severed and replaced – I could have hired a professional service to trim the almost dead hedges. But, I, too, enjoy the suspense of waiting to see how long it’s going to take before I cut the cord, possibly get electrocuted and have to go to the basement and reset the BIG circuit breaker. And then there’s the thrill of buying a few more 100 foot cords to have “in stock” for the next time. Thankfully, my electric leaf blower doesn’t have the ability to cut the power cord or I’d really be headed for The Guinness Book of World Records! Ah, the joys of owning and maintaining a 40+ year old townhouse.

Do you have other problems with your vision? I mean it’s very difficult to mistake an orange cord as part of a bush that needs to be cut. Much like you, I love to use battery powered garden tools but I never even once cut a power line with any of my corded tools.

Ni Cad is a deal breaker for me…its ancient battery technology…

Ni-Cad technology needs to be abandoned once and for all. I can’t believe companies have the gall to try and push this ancient technology.

I received the hedge trimmer yesterday. It was never packaged for shipping but just sent to me in its normal box with an address label slapped to it then left outside to wait for me. Needless to say the box was in pieces and trimmer beat up. Woot won’t replace it and all they would do is send me a shipping label and make me purchase packaging to ship it back in. Never had a problem like this with Woot before. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service.

sorry for the hassle. often, if we don’t have any inventory left, we’re unable to replace the item. sounds like that’s what happened here.

i apologize for the inconvenience. keep in touch with our CS team at Support@Woot.com so we can resolve this.