Week-long Derbies?

Since we’ve had two, and 3 more to follow, what is everyone’s reaction to these?

They seem VERY long to me by contrast, but I like the extra exposure the designs are getting. As an artist, I also appreciate the extra time to work something(s) up.

Where do you all stand? Like it? Hate it?

The week long time frame goes back to how it was before the “mini-derbies” came about, with the biggest difference (and best IMHO) of the theme being pre-announced. Giving artists more time to work on their design(s) certainly allows for a more level playing field for a more detail design to compete with simpler designs.

(In the past, there was just 24 hours from reveal on Thursday at noon to open submission on Friday at noon.)

With two derbies a week, I can’t help but to feel some burnout with artists along with the continued contribution to Woot’s overall issue with “paradox of choice”. 20 new designs a week is a lot already; 30+ new designs a week with the double-derby can be very overwhelming to a casual or new Wooter.

I generally don’t even enter the mini-derbies because I don’t have much design time during the week. The extra time and pre-announcement of the 10k themes has been a big help to me, personally.

I’m thinking you’re not the only one lacking the time on weekdays, as many others here have other jobs also.

Yup, pretty much all of this. I’m happy to be back on 1 derby a week, especially with a full week to prepare.

Half the reason I started doing derbies was because it forced me to do some art during the week. I work so much in graphic design and web design (because it pays well) that I neglect my art, and my starving artist needs to come out of its cage. Having two derbies a week gives me a solid reason to create something cool twice a week. So, that being said, I like it. :slight_smile:

I also like having more time, but inevitably I wait til the last minute anyway.

I prefer the double weekly derby schedule best. It gives artists who don’t win much (like me) more chances of getting a print. :blush:
I also like having more topics to draw about. Maybe it’s just my ADHD, but I tend to be a compulsive drawer and like lots of new topics to work on regularly. The current Olympic derby was great for that!

What’s the word on the continuation of the week long derbies?

I got the message that there was going to be week long derbies for the 10k cup and understand that the derbathon is a bit special and as such will go for the week.

Are all the derbies going to be week long from now on? A am asking because my art skills and ideas are just not in the same league as many great artists and designers that compete in the derbies here at woot, so most of my prints have come from the mini-derbies, where many of the great artists didn’t enter (perhaps due to less prize money?).

Anyone clued up on this or could let me know where whatever announcements / info I may have missed regarding this?

AFAIK, one way or another, nothing has been clued yet.

OK, Thanks for responding Narfcake. Will have to wait and see.

I like the two derbies. Back when the votes were higher the week long derby gave people time to change votes and browse.
I would love to see vote velocity in a graph. Are there many more votes in the last three days of a derby? It seems to me that the dusts settles after about 3 days, the fog doesn’t shift much.
It would be interesting to look behind the curtain and see how quickly the last 100 winners made it to 1,2,3 place. Does the winner get there quickly and stay? Do third and fourth place fluctuate the whole time?

On a side note, remember when first and second were base on votes, but third was chosen by a guest editor? That was a trip.

Remember when votes were in the hundreds and sales were in the thousands?



I remember when votes were 1000+ … and that still wasn’t enough to print.

Alas, the audience has since moved onto other sites – and not just specifically with shirt.woot’s audience, but woot’s audience in general.

bah! i remember when 2nd place wasn’t good enough to print and YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN

I am still confused as to when the derby starts and what time… That used to be included in the derby definition.

Is it Thursday at 1 Eastern? of Fridays at 12 Eastern? I don’t know anyone, been out the game for too long.