Weekend App Crap

Weekend App Crap

This stuff is amazing. I’ve used it for repairs of various items. I find it useful for odd repairs that aren’t suited for traditional glues, or as a supplement to an adhesive. The price is right for this deal. Keep the unopened packages in the freezer, and they last a long time. Each package contains roughly a wad of gum sized blob.


It says: * Shock Absorber up to 24 volts

Does this mean it’s non-conductive?

Maybe it ‘absorbs’ the voltage? lol



This seems to be the same bundle Amazon has for $19.99… And you can pick out what color(s) you want.

Well, after looking at the Woot offer they are providing 2 packages – so nevermind :blush:

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What is the “fresh” date on these? Sugru normally has a shelf life of 12 months.