Weekend App Game

Has anyone figured out what actually unlocks the Shirt (or lunchbox, or whatever they choose to put on there) on the weekened App game? I haven’t kept careful records, but it feels kind of random. Also, who out there is buying the consolation prize? I want to meet you and take whatever is left of your money.

LOL. Yeah, it’s pretty random.

Also, make sure you’ve updated to our most recent version of the app. Some have said they couldn’t purchase when they won and that’s the reason - not on the latest version of the app. Don’t be that wooter.

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wooter blacklist confirmed

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re pretty enough to win. I mean, I don’t think the app uses your phone’s camera to check, but I can’t be sure.

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I’ve won a lunch box before, but right now the game seems to be down? Link takes you to a broken page on the app.

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I just tested it on the Woot app on my phone and it worked. Are you sure you have the latest version installed?

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Worth it! 10/10 would Woot again.


As @peaceetc mentioned, make sure you update to the latest version of the woot app.

I love that pic! Is that your pupper?

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Can you tell us, TT, what is the latest version?

I am trying to update my tablet, but I’m kind of a techno-dinosaur, so not exactly sure how to do that.

I’m pretty sure it’s 4.05.

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Thanks, TT. I ended up uninstalling my old app and reinstalling a new one. I can get to the deals page, but when I click to play the game, it stays stuck on a green screen with the word “woot!” in the center. What did I do wrong? Is it my cheap crappy Amazon tablet?

Oh yeah. Amazon uses their own weird version of Android. We’re not on that with the new app yet. I’m sorry.

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Well, thanks TT, that’s good information. At least I can still shop, which is why we’re all here anyway…right?

Well, I am that pupper’s human servant, if that’s what you mean :wink: