Weekend At The Cabin

Woot! staff, you might want to check your images on this plus listing, I’m not seeing anything for the items on sale

Seems to be ok now, unless I’m missing something.

I’m with balls2thewall- I was confused too. The duffle bag in the top picture (among the palm trees) seems to have a center zipper lengthwise across the top, along with a shoulder strap. (And no wheels, but it’s hard to say for sure, from the pic).

The two Kontiki duffle/roller bags pictured below as items seem to have top flaps (zippers going on the side, just under one of the handles), and no shoulder strap.

At 26" and 32", both of the roller models are too big to be carryons- but if the top-pictured item is smaller, it could be a carryon. THAT’S WHAT WE WANT! FUNKY DUFFLE CARRYONS!! … DO YOU HAVE THEM, OR NOT???

oops, sorry, lost control for a second there…

uh, was just camo humor

“Classy” is the word I would use to describe all of this.