Weekend Camping Essentials

Tell me about your last camping trip, oh, and the esbit too.

Does anyone know where I can get replacement rubber feet for my Yukon Outfitters Trekking Pole Set ? (got them last time they were on Woot), (One fell off the first time I used them!)

I would totes check with the manufacturer. Or perhaps someone can just find some online and get you hooked up.

Why even use the feet? I don’t use mine for summer or winter trekking. Seems like more of a safety thing when stored than anything else.

How secure is the height adjustment? My exp with the twist lock type things is that they will slip until you tighten them to the breaking point. I dunno if I would want to be leaning on one of these for balance and have it suddenly shorten up on me.

REI sells rubber tips for at least three different trekking pole companies (not including Yukon). If you’re close to an REI take in your poles to see if at least one brand will fit.

If you’re using them for hiking then I wouldn’t worry about it; the rubber tips just add weight. If you’re using them on pavement or slickrock (think southwest areas) then it’s nice to reduce the “click clack” noise and to give more grip.

It depends on how you use them and whether or not the materials the manufacturer uses are “good enough.” My hiking partner has used $10 walmart poles for YEARS with no problem. But she doesn’t weigh a whole lot and doesn’t abuse them.

Fixing them when they collapse unintentionally is not too difficult, unless you break the little plastic expander on the inside. In other words, don’t put too much weight on them, and don’t tighten them to the breaking point.

Personally, I prefer the external locking mechanisms, but my current pair does actually have an internal locking system. I’ll switch eventually.

Is the Esbit pot big enough to hold a Svea 123R stove?

FWIW REI sells the Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 for $39.95. The Snow Peak is slightly smaller but there are more nesting options in the Snow Peak line than for Esbit.

I have a pair old old twist lock poles that the locking function eventually failed… Since I’m the only one that used them I drilled a hole(actually a couple for different set heights) through the pole just below the locks on the skinnier section and used clevis pins. They never slip anymore and they’re still collapseable. When collapsed, I hook the pins to the straps so I don’t lose them.
Super cheap fix and you don’t throw away perfectly fine poles!

That Esbit pot is the exact same bot as this one for $20 on backcountry.com:

It IS the same pot. Just different branding.

I just picked up one and it’s very nice for $20.

The pot looks like it is from Kingsound Titanium. Their sell under the Tibetan Titanium brand but will put whatever branding you want if you order at least 100 of them

Wenzel makes some good stuff. Wish they’d make their aluminum camp table like this again. I knew I should have gotten more of those when I had the chance.

These two gazebos’ specs have their areas listed as 144 ft. Are they actually both the same size, or was there a goof? Trying to figure out which one to buy…thanks.