Weekenders At The Timex Chateau

This is a great watch from a brand with a lot of history. The face is clean and lights up uniformly when the crown is depressed. I receive a surprising number of compliments on this watch… more than I when I wear a watch that costs over a 100 times higher. The only negative of this watch is that its second passing “tick” is so audible that I am forced to place it in a drawer at night. You won’t hear it day to day, but, at night it makes me feel like I’m in Poe’s short story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’.

Great watch at a fantastic price. It’ll be accurate and as long you refrain from dropping it and running into doors, it’ll last forever (or until the battery runs out.)

Is that 100 times the sale or retail price? Just wondering if you are comparing it to your $1,600 or your $4,400 watch.

Picked-up a Weekender on woot before. Light weight, durable, super classy. Band hold-up well.

Unfortunately I bent the backplate in a vice/hammer incident. Will definitely purchase this item again.

Accidentally wore one of these SCUBA diving to 60m, and it came out unscathed. My grandfather refused to buy anything but Timex, and I can now understand why. Fantastic watch.

However, factoring woot shipping costs, most of these are the same price on Amazon with Prime 2 day shipping.

What the heck is a tachymeter and why would I want one?

You can use it to measure speed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachymeter_(watch)

Bought the T2N754 (blue/white striped band) and T2N652 (Plum band) in a previous sale.

In person, the blue/white watch looked straight from the 70’s, like some sort of track suit. The band is thinner than you might think (18mm) and the stripe pattern doesn’t help at all.

The plum band had issues of its own, because it was plum colored.

But you don’t buy these watches for the bands, you buy them for the bodies. You can get replacement straps in any color and in many different styles. Just search for NATO strap or Zulu strap.

Get a couple of different watch faces (one white, one black), making sure the band width is consistent (20mm for men, 16mm for women), then get a few straps and mix and match. Note that the blue/white strap watch is a different width (18 mm), so it will need its own straps.

How do these bands fasten? Buckle?

I did that a while back from woot buying watches with a cream face and one with a black face. I think they came with a red and a plum band, neither of which I actually wear. I picked up a handful of different bands online, including a couple nice leather ones, and have been really happy with them. Occasionally I remove a band, put it in the pocket of a pair of jeans and run it through the washing machine and they come out like new.

I wish these had a date window on them, but I know that for a $16 watch, it’s probably not going to happen.

But I do love the watches and wear one every day. They can be loud so I do put them in a drawer at night, but I’ve been very, very happy with mine.

This hit on most of the points I was going to say. I’m also amazed at the number of compliments I get on mine (I have the grey face, grey strap with orange stripe). I take it off at night also as the tick is loud.
It’s super lightweight and very comfortable. I went through a slew of watches for work (most bought off woot) including the Breo skin watches, a shark freestyle and others, and this is by far the most comfortable.
Highly recommend.