Weider SpeedWeight Dumbbell Sets

I’ll never understand how we can make and ship a 5 pound cast iron pan for $10, but 120 pounds of dumbbells go for $400. It just seems like a lot of money for dead weight.

… yet I still want one.

Also, the 100-lb one is currently $30 cheaper at Amazon… $35 less if you’re a prime subscriber.

Thanks to your shopping around, looks like Woot dropped the price for this set to 289 - $10 cheaper than Amazon. WOOT!


Note that we’ve lowered the price on the Weider Speedweight 100 to $290.

If you ordered prior to the price drop, you will be refunded the difference automagically.

Now go buy three. We have a buyer crying in his cubical.

Bros, do you even lift?

Yes, but I only started 6 months ago. I could use a set like these on nights when getting to the gym is difficult. But I haven’t really had that problem yet. I couldn’t forgo my membership with just a set of dumbbells in the basement, and the gym is so close, these will just wind up breaking someone’s foot.

… and yet I want them.

I own the 100 model. Picked it up at sams last year on a closeout. I like it. My wife, not so much.

Her problem is the length of the dumbells. She has narrower shoulders and tends to hit herself in the head with the weights from time to time. (Ok, I did too the first few times i used them, just had to retrain myself for the different size.)

The only other potential frustration is sometimes the dumbells get stuck when changing between weights. I’ve found that I can’t just drop them down and change the weights real fast. They have to be properly seated into their stand and gently change the weight. Then everything works fine.

The stand is too short to hang clothes on it without them wrinkling. ;p

Yeah, looking at them, I don’t think I’d be that crazy about the length of the weights either but are they any different from the other systems?

I assume it doesn’t come with the DVDs?

I have dumbbells ranging from 3 to 75 pounds and I’m sure I paid a lot more than $380 for them. I could get these and get rid of everything below 65 lbs and save a lot of space, but really hard to justify now. :frowning:

Sorry, haven’t used any other adjustable dumbbell sets to compare them to. The reviews on amazon are few, but do share some differences from the Bowflex system (frankly the only other brand i was aware had them).

hope that helps.

Also known as how to become the most unpopular guy on the block with your FedEx delivery guy.

We have the 52lb Bowflex dumbbell set and have the same issue with the length. Like others said you just compensate. I usually use them with a neutral grip if doing shoulders or chest.

out of curiosity…do these come in, say, a more compact 50lb version w/ 25lb on ea side & 0.5lb increments? Says the 95lb weakling…

Important information, this.

I have a PowerBlock set, and they are much shorter than these.

I, too, have the Bowflex 52s and the most frustrating thing is the changing of the weight. If it’s of similar material, the plastic mechanism that twists to lock in the plates gets really sticky and becomes difficult to rotate. I’ve skinned my knuckles many times due to that.

I have a set of adjustable dumbbells from Ironmaster. They were more expensive than these, but also much more compact and the plate changes are very quick.

I couldn’t imagine working out with these. Seems very awkward.

Just so we understand… You like the 100 model but don’t like your wife so much? Or you wife doesn’t like the model 100? Very important
info if she happens top read this. Now buy her one for Valentines Day!!