Weigh In-Scales & Way-Out Care

Hey Woot!

Do you really think it is wise to do this with the wall mounted kitchen scale:

STEP 1: Put the scale on a hard & flat surface (avoid carpet or soft surface). STEP 2: Switch on the scale by slightly tapping on the platform, and then wait a few seconds, the following will appear. STEP 3: Enter person data (gender, height and age) STEP 4: Step on the scale STEP 5: The LCDdisplay will show your weight, body fat and water %.

Just wondering how high on the wall I should mount it.

Now that is definitely amusing that the description is for that item also.

I’m in the market for a body scale, but these don’t quite do it for me. I’m not really sure what I want, but I know these are not it.

These are all a steal compared to Amazon, but apparently no one’s bought them before.

One item with 2 reviews, none for any of the others.

Can we get some information on the weight limit for these scales? Specifically the Whynter BH-2300

Yes, what are the weight limits?

We fixed the stand on kitchen scales.

I’ve asked for weight limits. Not sure if we’ll be able to get that info from the vendor though.

According to Whynter’s technical specs, the Max weight is 180 KG/396 LB.


What do we know about accuracy here? How accurate are the weight and bodyfat measurements of these scales? I’ve bought inconsistent scales too many times. Lean forward slightly and lose 10 pounds…

How about weight limit of the vitagoods scales too please.

Is there a cuff size for the blood pressure cuffs?

397 pounds, according to the item description at the Zon.

Thank you.