Weight, Resistance, and Balance Training

Once again: Here is a Consumer Reports evaluation of the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VdChc2gFyk

OK WOOT. Are these youth H2O shots REALLY the stevia ones this time? Last time they were up, you advertised the stevia ones, and sent the sucralose ones. I can’t consume sucralose, but would like to buy the stevia ones. The company told me that you sell both…Can someone confirm which ones you are REALLY going to be shipping out this time around?! Thanks!

Regarding the IM Rings set: My husband bought these at last Woot. They require a door to set up. You will be standing & exercising on the opposite side from where the door swings. For example, if your bedroom door swings into your bedroom, you will be exercising outside in the hallway, not your bedroom. To properly perform all the exercises, you need to have room to swing your arms around in all directions. So before you spend money on this, figure out which door you’ll be using, and swing your arms all the way around to make sure you’re not going to hit any furniture or walls.

i’ll get a confirmation.

im usually happy with my woots, except for this …

-bought it at 15$/box, so even more bitter now.
-they sent one which was about to expire (even though it’s states january 14). one box expires in august and the other in october.
-the boxes i got were sucralose
-the taste is horrible. it tastes like incense oil … have something else to wash it down.
-per bottle you get vitamin B6 @ 3135% and vitamin B12 @ 5019%.

i’ll avoid it in the future

I bought these last week on Woot also. You can use them on either side of the door, but just not as easily. I will agree about needing space though; in my house all of the doors are within a few inches of the walls or open to hallways, not leaving enough room for some of the exercises they show. That, and there is still some pressure put on the door by the straps, so they mean it when they say you should have sturdy doors.

All of that being said, the straps and rings themselves are good for the money. I ended up using mine on a pull-up bar outside. The webbing on the straps and stitching are solid. The rings seem sturdy, but I can feel just a hint of flex in them if when I put my full body weight on them for dips. I do weigh 195 lbs. though and someone lighter would probably not notice at all.

Bottom line is that you can’t find rings like this anywhere for this price. Even if you make the DIY plywood rings it’ll come out to about $20, plus the hours you spend gluing cutting and sanding the things down. And then you’d still have to get straps. I think that they are worth the price, even if you don’t use them exactly how the videos show and as long as you have good doors or an alternate place to hang them.

Super…think we’ll have one before the sale ends? :slight_smile:

All my bottles had an expiration date of January 2014. The taste is bearable and I like getting a little boost without caffeine, but I would strongly caution people who need to avoid artificial sweeteners to avoid this product.

I’m not very happy either. The last three boxes I received were previously opened; one was even torn open. That’s not a major issue because the bottles are sealed but they looked like returns, and it would have been better if they were described that way. And now that I see they aren’t really sweetened with stevia, I think I know now why my fibromyalgia has been flaring up so badly of late - sucralose is a fibro no-no.

I agree! My hubby deals with the space issue by simply not doing all of the exercises. With the workout that he manages, he still gets to complain all the time about his abs being sore. (And I’ll tell him that you said he can put it on the other side of the door; see what he says then.)

UPDATE: my husband says yes, he can put the rings on the other side of the door, but that requires him to nail or screw things into the studs of the apartment walls. So keep in mind, too, if you have a landlord that would get pi55y about that kind of thing.

Well, I guess by the sweet sounds of crickets, that means you aren’t going to be able to provide an answer on whether these are actually their sucralose version, or their stevia version. Thanks for putting me on ignore WOOT! …how disappointing!

Not ignoring you. PemberDucky said she was asking for you. We haven’t heard back yet. With the weekend, it might be a bit before we have an answer.

It Is The Weekend.

Well it is now…but Friday morning was just another business day. I didn’t realize it was going to be harder than a “hey, what does that box say?” but apparently I’m just an idiot.

pulled a trigger on the IM rings. great exercise with my kids in the park. looking forward. thanks for all the suggestions and reviews.

Is there a weight limit on the firm wave?
Are the youth h2o the stevia or sucralose?

Good luck ever getting an answer, I’ve been trying to find out since Friday!

The weight limit on the Wave is 275 lbs.

Regarding the Youth H2O, I have been informed that the manufacturer made this product using both stevia and sucralose. They do not have the different formulas separated in their facility therefore they cannot make differentiations for customers. In other words, they can’t state which sweetener a customer will receive. Some will receive sucralose, and some will receive stevia versions.

I am very sorry that you had to wait so long for a response, and I’m doubly sorry that the answer is probably quite disappointing for those who have to take certain dietary precautions.

At least now you finally have the information and can purchase (or not purchase) accordingly.

Apologies again.