Weinstock Cellars Wines by W Mix - 6 Pack

Weinstock Cellars Wines by W Mix - 6 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2009 White by W, California
2 2009 Pink by W, California
2 2009 Red by W, California
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“Are these kosher?”

Oh, wait. Nevermind – that’s a really dumb question to ask every week :slight_smile:

Sigh! A rare omission of VA from the list of valid destinations. I’ll go cry for a few days and hope this doesn’t become a habit.

My friend Ali still wants to know if they’re Halal

Something for e everybody here… red, rosé, white, what else could you need?

Kosher doesn’t worry me. Mevushal (heat-treated) does. Very few people are able to pull that off, and Hagafen’s one of the few with any record of success at it.

Can you tell us about your particular mevushal procedure, and how you attempt to limit its damage to the wine?

Wait, so these are pickled wines? :wink:

… and how about some information as to the types of grapes that went into each wine?

More than enough here for your next wine and cheese soiree. I think the reds have potential to sparkle.

Is it Rabbi Supervised kosher? Does this wine answer to a higher authority?


Varieties: White Table Wine

Varieties: Rose’, Semi Dry

Varieties: Red Table Wine

Wow, three hard to find varieties of grapes all offered at once here at woot. What’s not to like.

Either that, or I’ll spend the same cash to pick up 4x 4L of Carlo Rossi Sangria…decisions decisions…

In for one, hoping for rattage. Also hoping my wife likes them so much, she’ll make me some matzo ball soup as a reward!

Following the CT cellar prices, the white and the red are $8 a bottle while the rose is $12 (Although shipping is steep for the $8 site).
So, you’re paying $9 plus change and shipping per bottle on Woot. So if you can find it locally for $8 or 9, or don’t particularly like Rose, you are probably better off buying this elsewhere… or not at all…

LOL, that seems akin to walking up to the customer service desk of Wal-Mart and asking them where the plastic for their toys came from.

I hope the winery show up to answer the question though. The fact that they approved the description of “table wine” though tells me differently.


The description gives a hint at the ‘pink’ one: “2009 Pink, a proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Muscat Canelli, and Zinfandel”

The answer is yes. OU, the Orthodox Union, is a very well respected kosher oversight group. If you ever see a product with a circle with a U in the middle, it is this group.

I’ve had some Weinstock wines in the past. The only one I remember enough about was the Gamay. It was able to stand up to spicy foods very well. I don’t know if they still make that though.

Instead here are reviews I found for the Red, and the White.

Courtesy of CJ:

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a writeup on Kosher Wines, including a basic primer for mevushal wine…