WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


Hey there. we are life. Go explore and tell us what you think.


Woot is life! I like it TT


I am walking on the street and can post! MOBILE!!!




FYIs for the next few days:

We’ll be bringing the old forum posts over. It’ll take a few days.

Until those are brought over, a few shirts will not have discussions buttons. Don’t worry.

If you see something missing, we’re still working on some of the features. Bear with us. It’s worth the wait.


PSA: Check out your user profile for customization, including a dark theme, notification/filtering settings, and a whole lot more. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.


What do you think?

  • It sucks
  • I like it

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I like it but I feel so lost. will be better when I can see threads and learn what I’m doing. still not sure how to get back the main forums page after posting in a thread…


Click on the Woot or the Green circle ball to go back to the main page.


oh, I just click on the WOOT to get back, lol!


I wish the “Back to Sales” button was still somewhere to jump back to woot main.


Say what? Could you explain that again pls?


Yesterday, there was a yellow button beside the “Woot!” at the top of the page that said “Back to Deals” that linked back to woot.com. I no longer have it on here or mobile. It was useful, although took some getting used to.


Just off the top, I came back to Woot just a little while ago after the new forum system was in place. This is the first time I’ve seen this new system/format. However, all the previous comments on any of the items I was interested in from earlier today have vanished. I would hope that Woot would have transcribed the old comments from today’s items into the new forums so we could have picked up where we left off. Having all prior comments vanish - not cool.


if I click on the green circle with the ! I go back to the main page and next to Woot! I still see the yellow button saying back to deals…


@jon651 All the comments will be here in a few days. we’ve got 14+ years of data to move over so it’s going to take a bit. Be patient. we don’t want to lose it any more than you do.


It’s there if you scroll to the top of the page. It’s not a global header that’s there all the time.


Hey TT, also I see that the button on an item page that says “Discuss This Deal” no longer has a badge that indicates how many posts are on the thread. Is that something else that is coming back as well?


Yes indeed. Those will be coming as well.

We were excited to get this out to the real world. There’s some backend stuff to do now the old forums are turned off. :slight_smile:


Not any more for me, on mobile or web when I’m logged in. I know where it used to show up, I tested it out quite a bit. It seems as if it shows up when I’m not logged in though, so maybe it’s something permissions based that changes the view.