WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!

This was my first thought, I couldn’t tell if people were discussing the products. Thats something I rely on when impulse buying crap :smiley:

So, is there a way to just see it like it show in the top part of his example, and not later in the thread as shown near the bottom?

Green = good/expected, red = bad/wth?


is there a way not to get notifications from the system that it downloaded a local copy of an image?

The red means they clicked the quote button. Well, it is the whole post, but shows mine because quote was clicked. Normal replies you can click the users icon where the reply is on the top right of the post.

I don’t like how shirt derby entries post to the shenanigans category. More deal-related than shenanigan-related… Maybe under the artist resources…I don’t know, but they’re clogging up the feed by popping up all the time.

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Try this. It gets it out of the “latest” but you can still click to them from categories if you want.

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Thanks. That is helpful.

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I got a notification about my e-mail being bad and followed the link provided… My e-mail was listed as some strange woot.com address. I tried to update it but received You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

Any Ideas?

I have a LOT to figure out when I am not so busy with work, but off the top, I am loving the changes! I especially like that you get notifications.


Oddly enough, I lost my back to the deals navigation after logging in. I can return to the forum main pages, but there’s no way to navigate back to the deals site from the forum.

Did you change your theme in the preferences? That’s what made the button disappear for me.



Needs more mehdown

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I’ll get used to the change. For the better I hope.

Seems to be easier for me to navigate on the PC than the smartphone.

They were 14 years old. I guess the answer is puberty. They grew up?

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I took a video of your old forums right now. Dev team are taking good care of them:


Double BURN!

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That strange woot email address is simply what ties your forum account to an email mechanism. It it sorta like Kindle devices that have their own email address, but are tied to your REAL email address on the back end. In other words, when a notification is sent to your weird woot email, it should forward to your normal email that is on your woot account…

I think…

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/giphy word!