WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


I actually kinda like the new layout. Forum helped me find a BOC (even though I didn’t’ get it).

I’m also enjoying other bi-otching about not liking the new setup. It’s free entertainment. hahahaha. CHANGE - IT BURNS!!!


The old forums are like my garden hose. Multiple hose clamps, layers and layers of duct tape, and been in use for at least 15 years.

And it has another split again.

Damn good 50 feet 42 feet hose, but I think its days weeks months seasons years are numbered.


I also just had this realization that since getting my Bicycles Over Candy, I haven’t been on the main site. I’ve just been surfing the forum page.

What has happened to me?!


@ThunderThighs so are signatures gone for ever?


You’ve been sucked in, mtn3pitt. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.


I don’t mind the white, but haven’t tried dark yet. I love the ease of including images and the mobile friendly presentation and readability. I probably won’t miss my old private messages as they were mostly old notes about sticker trades or custom BOC trades. I say don’t look back, look forward. I may never look at old threads once they get moved over.


So earlier today I was navigating on my work computer (using chrome)… and I was on a topic that had 800 replies, and I thought… hmmm how can i get to the bottom quickly (infinite scroll would take… well… forever)… i couldn’t find a way so I gave up. got home, i’m on FF now… there’s a nifty bar at the right that let me scroll to the bottom in one motion… awesome! I will try it here at home on chrome as well… but i’m certain i didn’t see it at work. anyone else with this experience?


There is a little bar in the right white space. On your phone there is a 187/187 and you can click it and get a bar too! So great!


Second this! I hadn’t seen any notifications about this, didn’t get a chance to go thru any of my PMs!



Interesting… here on my home computer with chrome, it’s definitely there. I swear it wasn’t there before, i’m on the TT happy hour thread now on chrome and it’s thre with 1375 posts and the scroll bar. anyway, good stuff! thanks!


In profile What is the profile background and user card background for?


for your page, and when somebody clicks on your name


oh, okay, thanks


Youre welcome


If I use the discourse woot theme, the white blinds me
If I use the dark, ehh. I am so OVER microsoft’s white|grey|dark grey themes.
There is too much wasted space on the page. The ‘theme’ overwhelms the page.
Can we import our own theme? I’d like a light green with blue.


When are we getting the October BOC forum back? :tired_face:


There’s already a forum there, use that


I mean the real one, with all the old posts in it… it seems noone knows how to get to the temporary one. I feel deprived… I wana see what other crap people got :thinking: … I maybe becoming a BOC addict :sob::laughing:


Here’s the real one: OCTOBER WOOT-OFF CRAPS (and Woot!Ball)


Yeah Yeah. but the first OCT one. From before the new forums happened…


I was the first to post my crap…
and now it will be forever lost until it may or maynot be resurrected?

meh w.e. is ok.