WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


Do you want to know how everybody now knows you didn’t read this forum that you are posting in right now?


I read it :stuck_out_tongue:, just sad other topics got brought over from the dark side but the Oct. BOC was not, just sayin.


By the way, good job on being the first to post before–you are so special–congratulations!


Thanks! appreciate it! I <3 Texas!


Yet. Not brought over yet.


Yes. There’s a badge system in these forums that we’ll likely implement when things settle down a bit. Right now, we’re concentrating on getting the basic working well.


I’m told the old forums should be back by the end of the week. There’s a LOT to convert and move.


I’m not seeing ANY of the old forum posts yet. Where are you seeing them?


Your right. Sorry. Didn’t realize ALL the old forum posts were actually gone… FOREVER. Was seeing other topics but wasn’t interested to check it out. My bad.

RIP old forum posts

was wondering how woot could pull that off :sweat_smile:


Yes. Forever.

Go with that.


They miss the old woot


Just that one very specific part where they were FIRST in a very specific thread out of thousands.





Ugh. Had to dynamic load all the way to the bottom just to find the reply button. not displaying well on my computer, but then again I’m on a desktop and looks like it was just designed for mobile in mind. Feels thrown together and much less organized than the old one. Definitely have no idea now how to look through old deals and such, which was really handy. Doubt ill be checking it again with the new look.


this is the problem i had yesterday at work… on chrome… no scroll bar on the right… was a huge pain… but last night i got home, worked great on FF then i loaded it up in chrome and worked okay there… so… no clue.

the scroll bar seems not to try to dyn load everything, it skips while you’re scrolling (just tested it in TT happy hour forum with 1500 posts). if you infinite scroll without the bar just wheel on mouse etc, it will load all.


On the side where the scroll bar is for post count, there are two buttons below it. The arrow lets you reply to the post. The second is for tracking the post.


Those buttons only show up if you’re in the middle of the scroll bar. Once you’re at the end of the posts, they disappear and all the functions are at the bottom of the page.



The great migration has begun (10 hours ago) and now there will be increased hysteria.

I’m noticing that more and more topics are being created from past deals. Each old deal is showing as a new topic and is quickly burying any newer topics that have “real” conversations in.


Before you post “What happened to this thread that I was talking to [insert username here] about [insert topic here]? I hate this new forum!!!11!!!1one!!!eleventy!!!” please try the following:

Sort the topic list by replies and you will find the topics sorted by number of replies, largest to smallest. Then you can find your topic.

[end PSA]


I was trying to get my Woot! count up so I can be better than everyone else!