WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


Yay! Remember to go talk about it over in the main thread:


It’s there for me in Chrome.

edit: sorry, I see there was a reply that didn’t appear as a reply, and this has been sorted out.


All that stuff I was saying I didn’t like…nevermind. I’m figuring it out.


Not one for change, I was initially lost with the new format and not at all thrilled. Now that I’ve been playing with it for a week, I’ve found a few things I like very much. It just took a little learning and getting comfortable with.

Overall, I give it a big thumbs up.


Decided that I really like not needing imgur or other public photo storage sites for my images now. I also appreciate the preview window. Those are changes we needed.


Unless I am missing something, and I usually am, I do not like one bit that you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the [oftentimes really long] topic to get to the ‘add a reply’ button.

I know you can click the comment count and “jump to” the last comment, but you have to click the button, make a mental note of the number of comments, key that in, and click “jump” or whatever. A much more intuitive approach would be a “jump to last comment” button - one click and BAM! you’re there.

Or, better yet, an “add reply” button at the top of the page. But hey… what do I know/?


I’m not sure what it looks like on mobile but on the regular version of the forums, there is a reply button that stays static on the right-hand side, just below the timeline scroll. Look for a square-ish icon with an arrow in it.

And, of course, if you’re replying to a specific person, you can just click the ‘reply’ button at the bottom of that comment.


Ahhhh… I see now. So I am on the desktop page (don’t do mobile anything) but since the default text on most websites (including this one) is too freaking tiny to even try to read unless I am literally sitting on the keyboard, I use the ZoomPage firefox addon to zoom pages by 133%. Doing that here appears to have the effect of either moving or removing (I’m not sure which) both the timeline and the reply icon. Zooming back down, I can see them. Thanks for that.

I do like the notification of replies, though. I have been begging for that for years!


I really like it and I keep the long tutorial on a tab. Y”all did a great job! Change is good. I think a gray screen would be nice. Old eyes is prolly my problem.


Will the forum eventually work in the app? It would be great to get notifications that way. :slight_smile:


Hit the last comment minute, will take you to the last comment.


I don’t see anything that says that…


Yes, we will get the forums integrated into the app before too long. Not sure about notifications though. Will have to research.


Might not say it anywhere. The scroll on the right has the minute of the last comment made. Hit that last minute, takes you to the bottom of comments. It does on my iPad. I wouldn’t kid a fellow Alabamian, Reb!


lol :smiley: The eyesight just ain’t what it used to be these days!


I wanna know why ya discontinued the comments on your products ?
It seems very suspicious that we can’t tell people how we feel about our experiences
with some of these items you’re trying to sell us !!


Discussion threads are still available, though there is a bug at the moment that makes it so the ‘discuss this deal’ link doesn’t necessarily take you to the discussion thread. They’re working on that.

If you go here:


It will take you to the discussion threads and from there you can sort by category from the top drop-down menus.

Shirt discussion threads can be found under the Shenanigans category:


So it’s all there, and the navigation bug is being sorted out.


I do miss the thumbnails of the items in each category’s history list.


Me too.


I also miss signature lines