WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


Well, I turned to the forums on my phone for the WTF Pricing and was pleasantly surprised how much I like it. Many of the same features as the desktop and still pretty easy to use (once you learn it).

Notifications set to on for the forum on my phone. Now to decide if that was a good idea or not…





Why don’t the “join the discussion” links in product pages actually link to the discussion on THAT PRODUCT? I don’t have the time or inclination to wade through all the topics to find that product. If I want to just randomly browse the forums I would click the “Forums” link. Talk about making things difficult.


Hi. This is a known forum bug that they are working on.


Wasn’t sure what to think of the new forums at first. After giving it a couple of weeks I like them. I’m mobile 90% of the time I really like the ease of the new forums on mobile devices. I love that it remembers where you left off so you don’t have to scroll back through every post . Also posting picsand gifs is super easy now. Great upgrade imo.


I am glad to hear this! I feared that maybe Woot did not want such easy and direct discussion about the products, so here’s a menu to decode and some more clicking around to do …

Sorry for thinking the worst. These are trying times. Note to self: election day tomorrow.


Quite the opposite! We just spent a ton of money and effort to upgrade our forums to ENCOURAGE more discussion and transparency. And yeah, we shat the bed a little on the linking between the old site and the new fancy tech. :slight_smile:


For anyone watching this thread…

The bug that would take you to the front page of the forums instead of the product discussion has been FIXED!

Let me know if you come across it again.

YAY for being take where you wanted to go in the first place!


Sweet! Take that, conspiracy theorists! :wink:


I would love to see the preview window tell us when an animated gif was too large to show in the thread.


Asked about that and unfortunately, it’s not possible until it’s uploaded for real (vs preview).


Is there a trick to knowing how big it is when on giphy? Does anyone know?


Yes. All the ones you really want to use are too big. The bad ones will display just fine.


In FireFox, you can right-click on an image and choose View Image Info. That will give you the size.

Looks like Chrome has an add-in:


I use Safari on Mac. I tried on Chrome, downloaded that and yes, it works but was unable to close the information window. Something Java related. I didn’t look into it too much. Just a bit frustrating.

If it automatically stripped the image, that would be better, but it leaves it there long enough for you to feel satisfied and leave, then hours later you come back and you have the message sitting there. pooh


It posts the image for 5 minutes and then changes it to a link.


UPDATE: The main green reply button now says Comment. Hopefully that will clear up some initial confusion when you get into the thread.


I just noticed that!

Confused me for a moment. hah (j/k)


Super confusing guys.