WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


I have another wish.

I have my preferred categories filtered so all the categories that seem to get in the way of what I want to see are tucked away.

Sometimes however, I would like to see them. I struggle where to go to see unfiltered search/viewing results.

Is there an easy way to do this that I am unaware of?



will pm you


I just want to say again how much I love the new forums. The ability to track individual threads is the best thing ever. I know it was a bit of an investment on Woot’s part to do it and it’s very much appreciated.

Also, my brother gave me a dog last night as an early Christmas present, so here’s her little face and gigantic ears.


YAY! She likes them. She really really likes them!

And cute puppers. What name have you anointed upon her?


Anna. She came named. i’ve never had a small dog before and this one is smaller than my cats. :smiley:


I’ll only have small dogs if I get another. Love being able to quickly pop them in the sink for a bath.


It’s already handy being able to pick her up and I’m sure bathtime will be simpler. My last dog was 70 pounds. He would probably have liked to have been carried but there was no way that was gonna happen. :slight_smile:


Discuss this deal button used to indicate whether anybody has commented.
Also, really, really liked being able to see the previous woots in the community section.
I could guesstimate when bag of craps were coming up.


Yes, we want that comment count back. It’s schedule to reappear early next year.


if you go to forums home,
in the latest section click on one of the “woot-off” category tags
it is ordered by recent comments but it’s not the best we got… see TT’s comment below


add ?order=created to see the threads in the order created.





Nah, not Meh. Woot.


Firstly I will begin with the disclaimer that I have not read all 274 previous posts. Not awake enough for that at the moment. My comment is, can we eliminate the blank autogenerated topics? Perhaps some way that a forum topic for a Woot! is not generated unless someone actually has a comment? Lots of clutter.


Once you wake up, may I suggest you look at the filters available? These new forums seem unwieldy, but I have found exploring the settings gives me a more granular view in what I am interested in.