WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


I thought the change was taking place Thursday, so I was going to copy my old pm’s tonite.


A box of Cap’n Crunch All Crunchberries, please? :wink:








Howdy sir!


Just clicking around trying to figure it all out.

The pic I tried to post was a failure…

So much more to learn.

I’m too old for this shit…


Can’t Wooster help you?


Pffffft. If I can do it, you can do it.



First impression:

Too much white space and a little clunky on the unfamiliar interface.

Why don’t I have my little graphical avatar?


Try logging out and back in. The avatar thing will settle out in a couple days too.

4 OF A KIND - A Dice Game [Completed]

Hmmm. Logging out and in again didn’t fix it, but no big deal. We’ll check back later.


Mine’s broken too. We will work it out.

Certificate of Achievement

wait, if it is missing, how could we see it??



Related image



At first I wasn’t a fan, because all change is bad. :slight_smile:

It’s starting to grow on me… I can actually post things from my phone. My only issue right now is the text size feeling so tiny on my giant phone.


I think this looks great. It will take some time to get familiar with everything, but I like what I see. Great job TT and crew!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I saw a tutorial pop up, so I’ll, sadly, never get to see or post my certificate of completion.

(Also, deleting a post did not allow me to post more than thrice in this forum, so I need to keep adding on to this one until that restriction is removed.)


It says BBCode is still allowed.

I posted that the old way. It’s nice that it even pops up the little image that you’re trying to add on the right when you do it the old {img}{/img} method with the proper brackets.


Why is it when someone replies to a post, it shows it under the original post, but then again the reply is further down the thread?

Updated example: