WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


Ohhh. I didn’t try this last night. I really like the click who the reply was to and see the post expand. Also, being able to expand the multiple replies to a post.

It’s like the best of both worlds. Chronological and reply driven


I was looking at the keyboard shortcuts and it had one to open a hamburger menu. I pressed the shortcut, but was not able to place an order or see the selection of hamburgers.


What a rip


False advertising.


In your inbox, you’ll see a PM from WootyBot. Do what it says and the tutorial starts. :slight_smile:


Thanks… @woody1150 helped me out and I already posted mine over in that thread.


Any way to disable the “view edit history” from public view? I foresee potential issues if everyone can view what was changed within a user’s post.

green grotto, part IV

You have the replies expanded.


Oh neat. It shows other threads where a comment is linked.


I miss my bragging rights, how I’m better than everybody else, and how many posts I’ve made and how many were helpful or featured. And the Discussion tab and summary on the products.


Another privacy concern is that it does NOT change the file name for images you upload. So if you upload from a phone, it will likely show the exact date and time the photo was taken.
If you upload a picture of your new baby from your computer, better make sure the baby’s name (or other personal info) is not in the file name!


This was my first thought, I couldn’t tell if people were discussing the products. Thats something I rely on when impulse buying crap :smiley:


So, is there a way to just see it like it show in the top part of his example, and not later in the thread as shown near the bottom?

Green = good/expected, red = bad/wth?



is there a way not to get notifications from the system that it downloaded a local copy of an image?


The red means they clicked the quote button. Well, it is the whole post, but shows mine because quote was clicked. Normal replies you can click the users icon where the reply is on the top right of the post.


I don’t like how shirt derby entries post to the shenanigans category. More deal-related than shenanigan-related… Maybe under the artist resources…I don’t know, but they’re clogging up the feed by popping up all the time.


Try this. It gets it out of the “latest” but you can still click to them from categories if you want.

What's the Deal With all the shirt posts Wootbot?

Thanks. That is helpful.


I got a notification about my e-mail being bad and followed the link provided… My e-mail was listed as some strange woot.com address. I tried to update it but received You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

Any Ideas?


I have a LOT to figure out when I am not so busy with work, but off the top, I am loving the changes! I especially like that you get notifications.