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That’s unfair. Bologna maybe, but not Spam.


1979 - My Bologna.
1989 - Spam.

What’s if it’s neither?


I can see where they could have mistaken the body of the message for SPAM, but the header label clearly says “Mark”. Go figure. :edit: Ahh, it finally came to me. It is now obvious that the photo says, “Mark, as SPAM” They had no other choice.




Some wonky behavior using Amazon login between the two sites… It’s like I can logout on woot, but stay logged in on forums.woot. When I try to log back in on woot using Amazon, it hangs after I provide my credentials. Even if I logged on onforums.woot, I still couldn’t login through Amazon on woot. I had to clear browser cache to finally get back in on woot. Anyone else have similar trouble? Does forums.woot timeout the login session like the woot account/order pages do?
Also should mention I was logged in on amazon.com too.


I’ve had some of that. Sometimes it hangs logging in through AMZN, but when I close my browser (flushing it I suppose) when I come back to woot I’m logged it.

Sometimes it works great, switching back and forth so my cat can post too.
/shrug :man_shrugging: :cat_shrugging:


Not sure but I fixed it… I think.


@bsmith1 Can you post some steps to reproduce the problem? I’d like to investigate, but don’t know how to get the problem to happen. What browser & version are you using? Do you have any browser extensions that might be changing the layout of the web pages?



You have the replies expanded.

Yes. But why does it show the reply again further down the thread? Seems like the replies should just be in the expandable “reply” area.


Welp…I tried to recreate it again and failed. Makes me wonder if either amazon timeout or woot timeout is impacting things. Below are steps I took to try to recreate, but failed.

Chrome - incognito mode
cleared browsing cache
closed chrome
reopened chrome in incognito mode
logged in on amazon.com
In same tab, navigated to woot.com
sign into woot with the Login with Amazon button
Amazon login dialog asks to continue logging in as current Amazon user - Clicked Continue
Successfully logged into woot
Click Community tab
Automatically logged into forums.woot
In new tab, navigate to woot.com and signout
successfully logged out of woot, forums.woot still open on separate tab
on woot tab, Sign in to woot again by clicking Login with Amazon button
Amazon login dialog asks to continue logging in as current Amazon user - Clicked Continue
This worked: Logged me into Woot
Notice the forums.woot tab shows I was logged out with refresh button - clicked refresh
Clicked log in on the forums.woot page - logged me in without prompting for creds
Close forums.woot tab
On woot tab, sign out of woot
open amazon in new tab and sign out
close amazon tab
refresh woot tab and sign in using Login with Amazon
asks for amazon credentials
This worked…
click Community and sign out of forums - this redirects to woot
click sign in using amazon - asks for amazon creds
This worked…


Eh, I like it. It gives both options. I like chronological because it would be hard to find things that were recently replied to. That is unless they all got moved to the top.


Hi there


I requested to be part of the woot staff group. As of now, it has not been accepted. I was hoping it would get accepted and I would be getting a paycheck from them.


Improved them?


Mo’ money! :moneybag:


Just tried the woot app on my android phone.
I signed on to Amazon sign-in
I see zero difference from before.
I don’t get it.
It did mention Football products coming or something.


But if you post in a product thread from the app, you’re no longer take to a web browser!!


Oh. You’re right thank you TT
I’m actually using my phone.



MUCH easier on my laptop.

I have a shitty phone…