WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


whenever I post a gif, I get this message in my history…not this cat every time TRJ and Moles and all you other wiseacres out there…whatever gif was posted ???

Image Error Message?

A shitty phone?
In my day, all we had were tin cans and string!






I could sit here and watch these all night








best scene





Thunder Thighs, you know you had to try to explain to us how anything new in woot worked. You actually got a few computer idiots, like me, knowing most of the ins and outs of the forums!
I don’t want to discourage you, but you may be doing it again!


I have a how-to linked on the buttons on the main page (forums.woot.com). That’ll probably help.

This is the way forums SHOULD work.


I’m feeling so lost right now. I’ve figured out how to comment on tee shirts… but not much else yet. Oh… also one other thing… I managed to find the current Derby only because I had it bookmarked, and the bookmark still works. (whew!)

I miss my PMs. I keep useful information in some of them… i.e. how to find the Derby archives. Do my PMs exist anymore? I miss the word games on Everything But Woot also.

I feel rather isolated and alone right now. Is anyone else feeling lost at the moment? I didn’t know the system was about to change so drastically… I used to swing around the website as happily as Tarzan on a vine. Now I feel like I’m lost in a long hallway.

I had no idea this change was coming. :astonished: I get the Daily Digest… did I miss a memo about this huge change?

Narfcake, ThunderThighs… somebody, anybody, HELP! :tired_face:

PS. I can see some good things about this new formatting, ie. the bold print & italics & the emoji options and stuff.
But why has the print become so teensy-weensy? It’s hard for me to read. The emoji’s are hard to see too when they are this small. Please can the font be a leettle bit bigger?