WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


Woot Forum Mantra: “Allow me to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


Hi there. We announced this on the forums on Monday but yeah, it went fast.

The old forum posts will be coming over in the next few days. we have 14+ years of posts to convert and transfer. That takes a bit.

We couldn’t bring over private messages because they’re private and it’s a security thing. And we really couldn’t even pull them out of antiquated old forums.

Here’s an intro on how to post

Give it some time. It’s been growing on people. Our forums were sooooooo old so the change is pretty drastic.


Woot Forums, my friend…I must tear myself away. I seriously have work to do and you have eaten up my entire morning!


So maybe it’s just me, and I tried searching but didn’t seem to find anything, but when I click on the discussion link from a product page in the Android app I am brought to the main forum.woot page in chrome. I’m used to be bumped over to the browser but now I need to search for the deal discussion oage too? Also can you please put a badge for how want posts are in a product thread next to the link on the product page?


Yeah, I’ve seen it too on my laptop. They’re looking into it.

We are going to add the comment count back. You’ll see it within a few days most likely. Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for the quick reply, any chance the forum experience will get rolled natively into the app at some point?


It will be a smoother experience in the near future but the forums are they’re own beast.


I mourn the loss of the private messages I got from Three Piece Woot about the Zombie Monkey. Seriously sad I didn’t see the announcement about the changes until too late.


Why couldn’t you just leave what worked alone? I can’t find any discussions on some of the products. It sure was nice why it was simple.


@treyland. Hi there. Our forums were over 12 years old built on beta code for a product that never saw the light of day. We couldn’t touch or improve it for fear of breaking them. They were taking a lot of developer time just to keep them functioning.

The old posts will be coming back over the next few days. There’s 14+ years of posts to convert and transfer. They’re important to us too!


Hi again TT,

I just saw one post that I really identify with…

I mourn the loss of the private messages I got from Three Piece Woot about the Zombie Monkey. Seriously sad I didn’t see the announcement about the changes until too late.

That is more or less how I feel. I have a lot of PM material that I am going to miss; I would have been cutting and pasting like crazy to save it if I had known. Now for some questions…

  1. Would it be possible to go back somehow and retrieve our lost material? (If it isn’t, I’ll live, but it sure would be nice… :slight_smile:

  2. Could you give me the code for looking up Derby Archives? I always check how the different designs scored. I was actually keep every single Derby code in one of my PMs. EDIT: NEVER MIND! I figured it out!:grin::grin::grin: I googled outside of the Woot webiste and found an old Derby! Woo-hoo! (Here it is if anybody is interested)


  1. Could you send me a teensy weensy PM so that I can start figuring out how they work? (Or ask somebody else to if you’re too busy.)

Thank you for whatever you can do and all that you are doing right now. :smiley:


Major thumbs down. The benefit of the old way is that you would be on a product page and click Read Comments and there they were. Basically one single keystroke to get to relevant comments on your product. Fast and efficient.

With the new one, you are taken to a different page, and then you have to scan down a list of topics (an additional keystroke), and then click again to see the discussion (yet another keystroke). So it takes three times as much effort as before to get to relevant comments. From a UI perspective, that sucks. Then, to get back to the deals, hit the button which is about equal to before.

I think this change is a perfect example of “it ain’t broke, so why did you fix it?”


The Discuss this Product button should take you to the discussion for that product. We’re working on finding that issue.


@intangle Hi there. I’m sorry but the Private messages in our old system could not be saved.

To look up past derbies, use this url:


where xxx is the derby number. It will expand with the title. (Oh, you figured that out. )

Hope that helps


So. It’s been a few days now and I have some Extremely Important Thoughts:

  • Reply notifications rock
  • Post tracking rocks
  • Replies showing up without reloading rocks
  • Post formatting rocks
  • Liking posts rocks

I could keep going but this is all to say I really like the new platform. It’s not perfect but the bugs are still being worked out. I appreciate all the time and effort that went into doing this.

So… thanks to TT, Jeremy, DustyJello, and everyone else involved in renovating the ailing forums. I hope Santa puts a little extra something in your holiday stockings this year.


Once past the initial shock, and learning where everything is and how to get back to it, and realizing it is slightly easier to attach a pic/video from the PC than the phone (which is where I am most of the time)…I am loving the change.


“Discuss this deal” links on product pages need to go directly to the product discussion. Right now, the link on a specific product page does not go to the product discussion, but to a generic Forums page, and it takes a little searching to find the right page for the product - especially if it isn’t the main product.


Yeah, that’s a bug. We’re working on that. Sorry!


I think this change is a perfect example of “it ain’t broke, so why did you fix it?”

I strongly dislike the new forums also. The old site was fine. The new site is hard on my eyes, and Ctrl-F being hijacked by the webpage is just annoying.

How many years of private messages did we end up losing because of this?

What about our permalinks?


But the old forums weren’t fine at all. They were extremely outdated by like 13-14 years and seemed to cause Woot devs a lot of headaches. I’m honestly surprised they lasted as long as they did.

They did post in the old forums before the upgrade to let people know they needed to save their private messages. Not everyone saw that in time, which is unfortunate.

I agree the new forums are hard to look at because of all the white space. There is a dark theme option which has helped me a lot. Click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the forums, then click on the gear icon. From there, choose ‘interface’ and then ‘dark’ under ‘themes.’ @Narfcake told me about that and I am very thankful.