WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!


I’ll see if I like this dark theme. Might revert back to white. Maybe I’ll change it per my evironment/ambient light.


Either way, there seems to be a lot of blank space on my wide computer screen.
I can live with it. The new format and tools are becoming more appealing each day.


I switched over to the dark theme a couple of days ago. It needs moar purple but it is much better than all that white space.


I guess I’m late to the party (the new forum party)… just went through @wootbot training… got me the dark theme… now to stalk a crapbag…


also… gone are the days of pre-judging people by their joined date or number of posts, or number of quality posts… now we’re all noobs. or is there another way to see someones ‘rank’?


Join dates for those that had post before the move to the new forums will show up when the posts are moved over.

After that, join date will be the date of your first post.


well, for those of us that derive self worth from our 2007 join date… this is very disappointing… oh would you look at that… i have achieved boc-like disappointment which was expected, therefore i’m not disappointed anymore… oh man… i need a drink.


Remember when you could click on COMMUNITY and see images of what you missed? Pepperidge Farm remembers!


IDK if someone pointed it out, but I’m not seeing a “Back to sales” button when using the dark view




Ugh! I hate it! Where is everything? How do I do anything?? Am I actually typing up a reply right now???

That’s my initial thought. Give me like…5 minutes and I am pretty sure I will love it all and think “Where have all these features been my entire life?!” Change is hard and all that. :wink:

On a serious note: I love the profile/settings page. I really like this little pop-up reply thing. I don’t like “infinite scroll” and that’s always the first feature I try to turn off on every website that implements it.


The nice thing about the infinite scroll is that it remembers where you left off. :wink:


The bad thing about infinite scroll is I can’t say to myself “I’ll read one more page and go back to work.” I just keep scrolling and reading until I reach the end and wonder where that hour or so of my life went! :joy:


If you are being honest with yourself… how many “1 more pages” are there after “just 1 more page?”


I have NEVER been this active on this forum because the idea of paging through one more page destroyed my soul. Now I’m just scrolling and it’s never ending and HOLY CRAP WHERE DID MY DAY GO?


Oh good. I’m proud of my Sept 2006 join date. Does that make old or insane? Maybe a little both?


I’m kinda digging the freshness of the reset of everybody’s join date. No airs, no pretentiousness.


Black Box / Black Triangle 4 Lyfe!


spoken like someone with a Jan 2018 join date. (kidding)


I need to try this again,