Welcome to Wakanda

Amazing colors

This is so amazing. I don’t even know how it was done!

Thanks a lot !

Thanks a lot!!It was a kind of experience out of my comfort zone,so i don’t even know how i did it ;)))or even if i could do it again.I used Manga studio and photoshop for the halftoning.

Looks like those nanites are hard at work. He must have a massive blow to the head. Great design BTW!

So cool! Congrats!

Nice colors. Ninjas rule!

I’m so sick of Black Panther everywhere.

Shhh! He’s right behind you.

LOL. Don’t look…it’s that simple. Black Panther 2 has been comfirmed. Almost every popular movie is “everywhere” when it’s new.

On topic, very nice shirt.

Mind blowing shirt Kharmazero, congrats!