Welder Watches by U-Boat

These must be an acquired taste.

The 45mm X 45mm size will play on your wrist about the same as a ~52mm round watch, if you’re into the large watch thing.

They look like they’re fashioned for left-handed robots.

The big square shape is what kills it. Which is too bad, since I kind of like the style of a few of them. But I don’t plan on buying watches on Woot again, so the point is moot.

The list price is a joke.

DH hates rubber wrist bands, so I am waiting for the next watch sale.

They wind/set on the wrong side and otherwise are obviously pretty quirky. If you are the type to look sullen and dress all in black and mope around looking at folks from the corner of your eyes…then maybe these are for you.

Diplomatically worded. I just call them ugly.

Good catch, I didn’t even notice that they wound on the wrong side - I was too busy noticing how ugly they were and the fact that they are overpriced by approximately 10x. [edit]Holy pretentious prat Batman, for the record, IMHO the WOOT price is 10x too much. The MSRP passes insanity.[/edit]

Good luck selling these Woot.

You’ll find a lot of oversized watches winding on the left side so as not to scar the back of your hand.

A bit too square but the dial layout of the more complicated model looks quite nice.

What kills it for me is the 50m water resistance. Maybe thats the maximum depth at which the Italian Navy’s "U-Boat"s operate?

these are perhaps some of the worst looking watches I’ve ever seen.

LOL… (I know what you mean…)

The left-handed winder thing is kind of U-Boat’s trademark. I have a U-Boat I got off of Woot a couple months back and I quite like it (and have received compliments on it) but these . . . . ewwwww.

Several of these are on ebay for the same prices as listed here.

When did all the watchmakers decide they would only make buttugly watches for men. These and most of the other watches look like they were designed by 10 year old science fiction fanboys.

Well, I hate to go against the grain, but think these are kinda funky and cool looking, and I could see myself wearing one from time to time.

My objections have to do with the ridiculous list price, which always flips on my BS meter, the left handed configuration, and the closeup photos, to my eyes, suggest a fairly average quality on the finish of the outside casing.

big ass watch, big ass case, only 50m water resistance?!?