Welder Watches by U-Boat

Yes, even normal-sized watches will cut into my wrist, as I work in an office and have my wrist bent at the keyboard for 7 hours a day. I like this design!

They’re taking a page from invicta :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s impressively fugly and also impressively expensive for such poor quality.

These are super-qwerky, but look like they would bruise, if not draw blood.

I kind of like the otherwise pointless color filters that screw onto the watch bezel … though why you would want a black watch face with these is kind of confusing.

Would have been deep enough for this: Raid on Alexandria (1941) - Wikipedia

Agreed. My biggest big ass watches have the winder up top

Agreed. Invicta and U-Boat do make wonderful Swiss Movement watches. I never understood why they make so many quartz watches and then claim a ridiculous worth. It dilutes worth of the clockwork watches. $100 to $200 would be a great price for a swiss movement Invicta or Uboat but it’s hard to fathom paying much more than $50 for a battery operated watch. Woot should bring back those Breitlings… so I can flip 'em on eBay

FYI - The crown is on the opposite side because of the size of the watches. With large watches you run into a problem bending your hand with the crown pointed that way. Many Welder watches reverse the setting to avoid this.

I myself love Welder watches. I do not care for the for these particular ones but Welder on the whole is a great watch. I would refer you to their website to see some of the great styles they have.

I see what you did there…