Well Done

Damn straight this made it to print!

unofficial official N&P cheerleader

I’m a little lost as to what everything is on this shirt. I get that it’s all Joss Whedon. I get captain america, Firefly, and buffy, but the rest? Someone clue me in?

YAY A shirt I must buy and then explain to everyone what the hell it means, just like all my other Woot! Shirts.

I think Alien: Resurrection in the bottom left. Not sure about top right though.

Changing the title of the shirt is infuriating. It took me far too long to understand it.


The writeup sez it all about Joss’s writing. To quote a press conference Q&A with him: “Why do you write strong female characters?” “Because you keep asking me that question.”

Lessee. Jayne, Titan AE, that Alien thang, Avengers, Dr. Horrible, Buffy, Mal. A fine cross-section of the Jossverse. grabs credit card

Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Captain America, Buffy, Alien, perhaps something from Angel?

/cheer! Two weeks in a row?? Thanks guys!

For those not in the know …

Dr. Horrible. Firefly. Titan AE. Alien Resurrection. Avengers. Buffy. Serenity. :smiley:

The Goggles are from Dr. Horrible (a great movie that you should watch, especially if you have Netflix) and I think the top right of the crest is Titan AE, which Joss Whedon was involved in… I think.

He script-doctored Titan AE (and Alien Resurrection, IIRC).

good use of olive as a base for a very effective coloring scheme.

Two weeks in a row? It’s like you two are making a habit of printing! :slight_smile: Congratulations and best wishes for many more.

Maybe the brownish shadow is actually Angel’s soul? :smiley:

Noxy here, and, I know he didn’t have the HUGEST involvement in Titan AE, but it was one of my favouritest movies ever and I had to include it. Its his work, it counts!

From his AMA on Reddit:
FJ: Which joke in your body of work are you most proud of?
JW: Titan A.E.

No offense but why in the world would you include Alien 4? That movie stinks. Everything else on this shirt is great, but that seriously might keep me from buying it.

I know it would have been a lot of brown, but somehow I can’t help but think this should have been on a brown coa…er I mean shirt…

and oooooh, that helps explain why Titan A.E. was so awesome. Also, yes, Alien Res was ridiculous, I’d recommend watching it with the knowledge that Whedon wrote the screenplay and you aren’t supposed to take it seriously. Then it rocks.

I think I may just have to get this if for no other reason than Dr Horrible. One of the best things I’ve ever seen. I need to be a good little fan and finish watching Firefly someday.

I’m personally thinking the same thing, I would have preferred a Toy Story reference instead. Absolutely LOVE the goggles and color scheme and everything else though.

Happy. Just yay! And why the hate for Resurrection? Three already ruined the series anyway, and come on, Ron Perlman.