I went BACK after doing a DOUBLE TAKE when the BACK IN BACK derby link took me BACK to the DOUBLE TAKE derby 21.

Um. I think that’s a DOUBLE TAKE BACK.

Finally, weapons I can be trusted with. Useful ; )

Also, 352 votes…that’s a statement of community support (although I did enjoy the recent pop culture free nights.)

I always wondered how he got it to fit so neatly on his person

The point of coming to Woot was to SAVE money. In for one, of course.

I absolutely love this shirt. Great design, well thought out, and executed very nicely.

I’d get this shirt if it didn’t have two boomerangs on it.

“Wanted one” in the derby…got one!

Hopefully I will not be inspired to randomly set fire to bushes hoping for a secret underground stairway…

Something tells me that this shirt will have my back…get it?

I don’t usually go for back print t-shirts. I buy shirts so I can see what’s on them. Heck with everyone else. I can’t see my back, I’ve got no eyes back there…Still this one is such a nerdy insta-buy for me. I love the Kelly green shirts anyway.

ETA: Wow, I totally missed my square turning purple. Apparently it was on Raising the Flag.

I don’t see two boomerangs on this shirt. I see the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Bow, Quiver, Hookshot/ Logshot, Slingshot and a Feather. I don’t think I am missing another boomerang on it.

Where’s the kitten?

What about the bombs? I loved placing bombs all over the map trying to find hidden doors.

…also, I think the DHS will be knocking on my door any minute now…

I think it’s just one big one

congrats ochopika!

WTG ocho! Nice to see the Zelda fans out in force.

It’s a good year for us:

Oracle of Ages/Seasons (3DS VC) - Out now
The Wind Waker HD (Wii U) - October
Link to the Past 2 (3DS) - November

Would be better with the classic tunic drawstrings on the front, but still awesome.

I love the Roc’s Feather from Link’s Awakening. Combine with the Pegasus boots for long distance jumping. Good times…