Well-Read Panda

Such dignified cutenes…

Red pandas - raising the standard for cuteness.

But it… it really doesn’t need the words. x_x

Subtlety. Tact. Mystery. Things like this seem to have lost a place in the world.

Does it use its tail as a bookmark?

In China, he would not have access to as many books as are available in the west, so Chinese Red Panda wouldn’t be quite so well read. And if he were a writer, well then his books wouldn’t be so, . . . Ahhh, never mind. Cute shirt.

I don’t get the reference (I assume it’s literary).

I don’t think there is a literary reference for this one. I think it’s just a serious pun, i.e. … Well, Red Panda. :slight_smile:

Love this design! Think I’m going to go for this one.

That’s how I see it too.

Well read(*) + red panda = well read panda.

    • knowledgeable and informed as a result of extensive reading

So raccoons are called red pandas in China? I’ve got a herd/warren/clutch/pack of red pandas near me. I’ve never realized the marketing potential until now. Thanks.

I thought so too. That looks like a racoon, not a panda. But what do I know.

Yeah… well-read Panda needs to read up on the difference between a Panda and a Raccoon.

No, a “red panda” is its own animal.

Red Panda

took me a few minutes but i get it! well made pun!

Sorry, That’s not a Panda. They don’t have long furry tails like a RACCOON!

There are two kinds of panda, the black and white kind that most of us know, and the Red Panda.

The Red Panda does resemble a racoon. Google it and you will see all sorts of pictures and info about it.

(I would post a red panda link here, but I still haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Every time I try to post a link, it doesn’t work for me.)

Red Pandas are really neat looking, I’ve seen them in zoos. :slight_smile: