Well trying to get the order to go through over 24 hours, the 1 thing I wanted sold out. I just deleted the other 3 from the cart

I tried another order, but it would never process! I tried again, but the ONE thing I truly wanted is sold out.

I just deleted the other three items from the cart. I think I may have to give up until they fix the site!

If you look at the logs, I have contacted over the last 20 hours after trying myself for almost a day to just place the damn order.

I even just saw another item started another order and no joy! Stuck in the same place as before!!!

I have place 12 orders with Amazon in the last 2 weeks. How can they get this one so wrong!



Pretty, but not what I was looking for.

pooper scooper

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. Feel free to private message with what you were trying to buy and exactly what was happening. Also

OS version
App or Browser?

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