We'll Use the Force

According to my husband, best line in the movie!

Do all of these shirts have the “shirtwoot!” printed on them?

No, that’s just a watermark to protect our image.

I think the movie should be called,


The shirt looks black and I have enough black shirts. Is it really navy blue?

Really, really. It’s navy.

Are these t-shirts the regular cut or tighter metro fit? I saw they offer American Apparel as a t-shirt option and those are too snug and thin for my taste.

Just choose the “Standard” brand. They’re more regular, relaxed fit.

This just makes me long for a “Windmills do not work that way!” shirt.

I can’t believe it: my favorite line in the movie and there’s a shirt of it. Had to get it!

Best line in the movie. Bought it!! Thanks guys