Wellington 2003 Cuvee R Syrah 3-Pack

Why do you have a link to your cellar tracker if it restricts access???

Looking forward to this. I haven’t bought anything in a while, but this sounds right up our alley. Cheers!

PolarBear22’s LabRat Review:
Color: Nice deep purple.

Nose/Bouqet: I smell fresh earth and cedar. Hints of berry or cherry. My daughter and her college roommate tried to smell. No wood or dirt, but then they don’t want that in their wine. (How do you educate them??)

Flavor: Some nice acidity balanced with the fruit. I taste some sour cherry, or something else that I find very pleasant. And a hint of spice.

Finish: This is where I was spoiled by the Victory last night. That had a finish that lasted up to a minute. This seems very short in comparison. Mostly gone within five seconds, and a linger of spice and astringency for another five or ten seconds. Leaves the mouth feeling cleansed and ready for another taste.

Aging: This should last another couple of years, but not sure beyond that. It does not have the tannins that I identify for aging in Cab, because it’s a Syrah.

Overall: A nice Syrah that went well with dinner. Still drinking well about 2.5 hours after initial decanting. (Seems to indicate a nice age potential.)

I would rate this in the high 80’s.

Nice job PB, particularly re the finish (much shorter than the Victory) and age potential.

Very telling.

Oh hell, in for a set. I checked the CT link and saw that I enjoyed this one a year ago but this was before I was adding any kind of narrative to my scores. I’ll be curious to see how my tastes have evolved in this time.

Welcome back SB…long time no see. Now go away. This is getting expensive. :tongue:

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Damn! There I go again - In 4 - 3!

WOW! I didn’t expect a new listing tonight. What a great surprise. Thanks WineWoot!

I’m not sure what to make of this but in for 1

Nose/Bouquet: 12/15 – Very expressive nose that crawls up into your sinuses and won’t let go. Savory herbacous bacon, basil, black raspberry, and dirty diaper.

Finish: 6/10 – The balance on the wine swings wildly to an extremely tart finish of unsweetened baker’s chocolate and underripe blueberry.


That’s okay, I didn’t (don’t) know what to make of it either. :slight_smile: I almost could’ve replaced sour mint with dirty diaper, but I would have had to write an essay to describe exactly what the mint was, where I knew it from, what made it sour, etc. etc. etc. Somewhere in between the two is the je ne sais quoi of the underlying aroma of the Cuvee R.

Added this to the previous wine woot but thought it might be helpful here also.
I may have to try the 2003 to compare.

Lucky “Charlie Bucket” here!!!
Arrived home to find an extra package with my wine.woot order today. There was a note saying I was the wine.woot “charlie bucket” and could I review this extra bottle of 2002 Wellington Syrah Reserve. I immediately went to the local butcher for my favorite Bordelaise sauce marinated tri-tip, BBQ’d it up while the Syrah was decanted and left to breathe a little. I had a small taste at first opening and there was a strong alcohol smell and taste as noted on previous posts. After 20 minutes or so the alcohol seemed to have dissipated and the nose brought an earthy berry and currant scent. The flavors I tasted were berry and a mole’ type of chocolate taste…also more of an earthy and cumin type taste. The Syrah brought out the flavors of the Bordelaise sauce, complimenting the red wine based marinate with its earthy cumin flavors. As the dinner continued the wine seemed to mellow and smooth out even more.
I also received a package of the toffee that was a woot side deal. It was a delicious and darker toffee and was wonderful as a stand alone dessert.
I happened to have a box of Ghirardelli chocolates as well as a Swiss dark bitter chocolate that tasted oh so well with the mellowed Syrah for dessert!
Overall the Syrah was a very drinkable and flavorful wine.
My thanks to David and wine.woot for a very surprising and enjoyable evening!!

Well this purchase makes it official…this is purchase #25 from this .woot. This can’t be a good trend. At least I’m in control when it comes to shirt.woot. And I haven’t even touched sellout.woot yet. Wooohoooo, I’m 50/50 in the out of control “I’m better then you” department!!!

Look 2 above your original post. Corrado cross-posted the labrats on this Woot. WD included them with the Victory labrats this week.

Wellington 2003 Cuveé R Syrah 3-Pack
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Sweet! In for 1.

Love all the varieties from Wellington except the Syrah tvm… pass

[insomnia-induced post]

L probably has restricted access to his cellar to other CT members (as most of us who use CT do). if you want to see his cellar, then simply join CT. it’s free.

This is a great buy for the Woot price. I thought it a solid wine for the Wellington retail of $25, but at $15/bottle, really a great QPR.

And here I promised the wife. But I just got my bonus figures, this is small purchase. And I already labratted and know I like it.

I am sure that you’ll see me within a day or so, as soon as I have my “story”.

Yeah!!! After this week I have to officially expand the Wellington section of my wine racks.

I think this wine was in a wine.woot many months ago, but whatever, I loved it when I first had it, loved it in the tasting room, and now I’m in for 3! And I’m definitely going to cellar some…

I highly recommend decanting it for at least 1-2 hours. I think we left it in the decanter for nearly 4 hours before we finished it–it got better every hour.

Even though my husband and I are trying to restrict our buying recently, I had to be in for one on the previous offer, and I can’t resist going in for 3 on this one… the price and what everyone is saying about this wine’s potential (not that we were able to hold on to any of our other Wellington wine…I think it has been our favorite so far!) is convincing.

Would you look at that – me too! Tow double-blackies on a Wellington. Seems fitting. Of course, I am working my way to a triple-black with shirt.woot, and sellout.woot had a good offer from time-to-time (they like to run $0.01 and $0.02 deals) so I may eventually be negro-quad. No claim of self control for me.

In for 1.

Must say I was quite surprised to see this come up … two in a week, and both from Wellington. Oh Frabjous Day!