Wellington 2006 Merlot - 4 Pack

Hmm… Wellington but a Merlot.

Wellington 2006 Merlot - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Wellington 2006 Sonoma Valley Merlot

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My exact sentiment.

I think I am woot-out. Last 1.5L Juslyn just killed me. No pun intended.

Just a random thought… Chianti doesn’t pair too well with peanut butter sandwiches.

Wellington Merlots are bad? Or merely average for the price. Inquiring minds want to know.

Just because Sideways says Merlot is bad, dosent mean you should believe it! :wink:

Wellington as almost always an auto-buy for me!

SO loved the 2004 Merlot, so we’re in for 1.

We’ve seen Cathy, Ty, and Peter. What’s next?

Neither do Brussels sprouts, but I don’t think you need to experience it to believe it…

After being there for the Tour this summer and tasting all of Peter’s offerings, not to mention working with the Merlot in the blending workshop, I had no qualms about going in last time this was offered. Tasted a bottle a while back already, and it was great. His Merlot has a wonderful nose of strawberries and awesome (yes, that’s a technical term), and the type of complexity and balance you’d expect from Peter.

EDIT: My CT tasting note, brief as it is “Much like Wellington Merlot from the blending workshop, but a little more complete than a straight merlot.”

What that means to those not living inside my skull is that the plain Merlot we were working with smelled heavenly, had a great flavour, but needed a little help to balance out all the components. My take was that the blending components, small though they may be, did the job of filling in the gaps left by the plain Merlot.

I wouldn’t know… many of the ‘long time’ wooters absolutely love Wellington. The only one I have seen was a red blend of mostly cab sav. I typically don’t go for merlots which is why I made my statement.

Perhaps RPM or Cesare or someone else can speak to the virtues of the Wellington Merlot

Agreed on the autobuy, but all the corison, kronos, shadow valley has killed my buying power

Has this been offered before? I love Wellington Cabs. I don’t know if I have had a Merlot. Sooooo tempted.

Wellington actually grows more Merlot than anything else (edit: and actually, I just noticed that it says that right up there in the winery description), and this stuff is blimey fantastic. My notes:

I have “only” three left, and I really, really want to go in for more, but I really, really don’t have the funds for it. Alas, a dilemma indeed…

Sideways was talking about Central Valley Merlots. But I like Sonoma Merlots and I love anything Wellington. I’m in.

You may think you’re helping, but you’re not. My house is starting to look like a wine.woot warehouse, and SWMBO has expressed a certain lack of understanding.

Gosh no joke…but I still couldn’t help but to go in for 1.

Stop. Please.

klezman pretty much summed it up. I was there that day too.