Wellington 2007 Zinfandel, Meeks Hilltop Ranch - 3 Pack

Its nice to see woot is back up…I hate you guys

Hello … hello? Anybody there?

The offer back in February had the '06 version of this wine. The '07 is not listed on the
Winery website yet. The '06 sells for $25, so assuming comparable pricing, this is a 36% discount.

SB - How would you say this wine differs from the Estate Zin we just received in the club shipment?


Edit: Limit is one? I smell a sell out.

Welcome back, woot!

“For this sale, you’re limited to just one. Share the wealth.”

Well, that certainly does make the decision easy, doesn’t it? In for ONLY 1.

very interested, assume these are 750’s?

Here’s an idea!

A Wellington wine.woot off. Nothing like a good enabling.

That makes it pretty simple. I had been debating two or three. Limit of one makes this an immediate decision and limits the financial damage. Still have to deal with SWMBO, but she loves Wellington too.

I loved both the 2003 Syrah and the 2006 Merlot. In for one!

got one for my daughter-in-law the wine maiden - soon she will be wooting…hope she saves a bottle of the zin for when we get together…

Finished an '06 Wellington Merlot last night- outstanding! I’m not a big Merlot drinker and this was excellent. Peter Wellington makes good stuff! (As if that need’s saying in this crowd).

Busted my serious-I-really-mean-it-this-time SIWBM, but, like joeman pointed out, being limited to one takes decision out of the equation.

In for … one!

My first Wellington purchase.

Good morning everyone, winemaker Peter Wellington. I came home from doing the evening fermentation cap management (pumpovers & punchdowns) last night and logged on to say hi and answer questions. No wine woot - site down for maintenance. I always thought these whiz kids could do that on the fly. Anyway, it’s back up now.

I’ll be around for the next three hours or so to answer questions, but then my daughter and I are going to the Bridge School Benefit concert and won’t be home until after the w00t witching hour. If you have any questions I will answer them; please check for comments/answers tomorrow.

edit: no, I don’t have one of those phones with internet, and to be honest if I did I probably wouldn’t use it today anyway :wink:

The Estate Zin is more tannic and has more complexity, in part from the ancient vines, in part from the Carignan and “petite sirah”. The Meeks Hilltop doesn’t have as many things going on aromatically, just intense, straightforward Zinfandel fruit. It seems like an odd word to use, but theres a purity to it - no noticeable oak, no funk, no herbaceous character. Just pure Zinfandel aroma and flavor.

Wellington is always an automatic buy! Definitely in for one, thanks Peter and Woot! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what that’s all about. There is enough that it won’t be gone in 60 seconds.

Also, we DO have a Maryland direct shippers permit, but it’s not listed as a ship-to state. If you’re in MD you could try contacting w00t service to see if they’ll sell/ship to you.


Peter, make sure you catch Mumford & Sons, super talented and a very nice group of musicians, I had the great pleasure of supplying them with wine during their Railroad Revival Tour earlier in the year…in fact I recapped the magical night in my first Wine.Woot! blog post listed over on the the right of the page…

What % of your grapes are in now? A difficult harvest for many this year…

I bought one because I could only buy one. Woot marketing 1: Me 0

//edit: I am drinking this wine now, and it is fantastic. Absolute winner.

Until this past week, the only reds we had brought in were Zinfandel (most of itin the first 3 days of October, before the rain). We were at about 50% as of last Monday, and now we’re at around 80%. This week we brought in all the Merlot, Malbec, Noir de Noirs, old vine whites, Durif (aka petite sirah), most of the Syrah, Cabernet Franc and our first Cabernet Sauvignon (from Senor Handal). Monday we’ll see two vineyards of Cabernet, leaving only Mohrhardt Ridge Cabernet, Grenache and estate old vine grapes we use for port.