Wellington 2007 Zinfandels

Wellington 2007 Zinfandel 3-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $73.00) 25% off List Price
2007 Estate Zinfandel
2007 Meeks Hilltop Zinfandel
2007 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel
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The first plus offer in a woot-off. Forum here

Been waiting for these to pop up… need to restock!

Wellington 2007 Zinfandels
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I was specifically enjoined from buying ANY wine. I am allowed to buy NONE.

So, I only am in for one.

I am assuming these are in the drinking window already, one of the reasons I am “in trouble” is I have too much stuff laying back til the next year or two.

In for one. I don’t have any Wellington Zin.

^^^Ditto^^^ In for one!

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I haven’t tried a zinfidel yet. I’ve read that it is generally a more sweet wine. I’ve been wanting to try something like that.

Can someone that’s had this fill me in?

Hi Peter,
I noticed that the Sonoma Valley Zin has 9% Durif. Do you use that term interchangeably with Petite Sirah or is there a difference in this case?

I’ve never had the Wellington zinfandels, and I generally don’t like the varietal b/c of how sweet most places make it.

To those that have had it - is this less sweet, more elegant, like I’d expecting from something from Wellington?

First off, these wines are not sweet. Peter makes a dry, balanced Zin. I’m not a huge Zin drinker, but I love Peter’s.

Zinfandel has a tendency to be a very fruit-forward wine, often with jammy flavors which can make a dry wine taste somewhat sweet. Peter’s wines do not fall into this category of Zin. If you’re looking for an intro into Zin with a bit sweeter flavor, I don’t think this would be the wine, but I’ll defer to Peter when he joins.

EDIT: rmm989, did I answer your question too?

First time looking at this… did a quick search… $12 a bottle on line elsewhere…


am I missing something?

I bought this exact set for this price in the Woot Plus deal a month ago. Haven’t opened them yet. If it wasn’t 8am I would crack one open and offer some tasting notes to my fellow wooters, but I’m not quite at the “Zinfandel for breakfast” stage. Not yet.

Yes, you’re missing something. These are three different bottles, including the more expensive Estate. The CT value for all three is $52 this morning. This is a decent price.

Zins are my favorite wine. I do not think of them as sweet. I do like them to have the berry flavor they’re known for, but it should also have a peppery, spicy finish. I’d have to look through my notes to see if I’ve purchased this one before. I know I’ve gotten a number of great Zins and Zin blends from Woot.

These are BBQ/summer drinking zin’s, in my opinion. I’ve been opening up Peter’s zins with peppery steaks, sausages, and other summer grilling items that have some kick. I have a number of different types of his zins, so I don’t have specific notes on each, but they all have paired wonderfuly with these kinds of foods. They are not your sweet box-style zins.

Yes, you are. This offer is for 3 different types of Peter’s Zinfandel - see Cesare’s post at the top for details. You are just looking up the price on one of those - what are the prices on the others? Can you get them all from the same place? Also, that price doesn’t include tax or shipping. Shipping rates from that store are anywhere from $5 - $7 per bottle and that is NOT refrigerated shipping which means my wine would cook in transit if I bought anything from them.

Enough for me to be in for 1…wouldn’t expect Wellington to be a disappointment considering how good everything else I’ve had is. Thanks!

This is $60 incl. shipping and the CT combined price is $52? I am missing something also.

I know I’ve seen it discussed before but mostly by people referring to “summer shipping”.

I’m in Louisiana and it has been hot here like most the rest of the country. Woot doesn’t hold the shipments does it?

Maybe, what’s your point? These wines have been on w00t plus (for days) and regular w00t before at these same prices, so naturally most of the inventory on CT was probably purchased through w00t at these prices, thus reflected in the CT price…

The QPR of a wine is not determined by the discount off of the CT price (or the retail price). QPR is a standalone factor determined only by how good the wine is, and what price it is now available. If the price it is available is low compared to the relative quality of the wine, then the QPR is high. I personally believe that Peter’s wine has very high QPR even at retail prices, so any discount is just gravy!