Wellington 2008 Roussanne - 3 Pack

Wellington 2008 Roussanne - 3 Pack
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Condition: White
3 Wellington 2008 Roussanne, Sonoma County

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Wellington’s website

It’s white Wellies!

His reds are autobuys, and he knows how to make minerally wine! Did anyone taste this on the tour?

White Rhone FTW!

Understanding that is is indeed turning into winter, Peter’s Rhone wines (this and his Marsanne) have enough umph to hold during the colder months, IMO. Sometimes, you still want a nice fish dish like a salmon even though the weather calls for stew.

A little late in the year for whites, but I’ve never had a varietal Roussanne, so I’ll give it a shot. What’s the oak treatment on these babies?

How does this compare to W’s reds that are oh-so-tasty?

Well this definitely justifies my decision. Again, no experience with this sort of thing - how would it do close to room temperature; say, around a normal red wine drinking temp?

A Wellington Roussanne 05 (Russian River grapes) was offered as part of this Rhone-style Wellington woot a while back.

These probably have some heft if Kyle’s tried it and says so… mmmmmm, fish stew!

Roussanne’s a lovely aromatic grape, from hat I remember of a Languedoc I just tried in China recently.

Barrel fermented and aged in used French oak. We used a couple of one year old and a couple of two year old barrels, so not completeley neutral oak, but very subtle.

I have to do some research before I decide to buy: Roussanne on Wikipedia

Been waiting for an interesting white to come up - in for one!

So…enough to give it some body and that little spicy kick, but not enough to make it taste like a buttered-up two-by-four? :tongue:

I prefer it chilled to high 50’s - 60, i.e. the temperature range for full bodied whites or very light reds…

I’m a sucker for grapes I haven’t tried. Plus, fall in Texas is like summer everywhere else so I still need some whites on occasion.

Great! (or awesome :wink:

So, how long will these Roussannes last? Is this a young-drinker for this winter or can we keep them a couple of years, and if so, will the flavours change/ unfreshen / start to melt?

In… Loved the Roussanne an Marsanne pack that was offered years ago. The Marsanne was probably one of the 5 best white wines I have had (can we get that too?) but the Roussanne was great too. Bigger style white.

Winemaker question: Is there a reason that on the website there is only 07 Marsanne and 08 Roussanne and not both from each year? Thanks!

Ha ha! Peter, do you consider this to be one of your most awesome wines?

(phun phun philters)

Is it aged on the lees as well? ML?

Does the Marsanne give some ‘lift’ to the blend? I guess I sometimes find Roussanne to be very viscous. Not buttery like CA style diacetyl-laden Chard, just very viscous. Sometimes there’s no flavor, just very thick, full body.

Wait a minute… are we sure this is REALLY Roussanne?!? Roussanne/Viognier Controversy

Peter - I’m close to pulling the trigger. Could you expand a bit on the acidity or crispness of this? the extent of malo fermentation?