Wellington 2008 Roussanne - 3 Pack

Wellington 2008 Roussanne - 3 Pack
$42.99 + $5 shipping
3 Wellington 2008 Roussanne, Sonoma County
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Woot I already have 6 of this!!!1 Something new!!!

“Roussanne… you don’t have to put on the red light!”

Okay, who was asking for this?

In for 1, gotta give it a go.

And one of these times, I have to remember to use my B-day code!

It’s been repeatedly mentioned that Wellington is an auto-buy. Does it apply to this offering?

I hate you Woot.

Hogfat you the man…or woman.


I don’t think I have ever seen “something new” introduced during a Woot-off. (Could be wrong on that.)

I really enjoyed the Roussanne, and I don’t normally drink the dryer whites. This was very nice.

My wife really enjoyed the 07’ Have not tried the 08’

Can I tell when my “birthday” will come around easily, or do I just have to guesstimate?

I brought a bottle of this over to Thanksgiving! I actually didn’t get a taste, but those that drank it said it was delicious … and the fact that they drank it before i could have a glass makes me believe they weren’t just being polite :wink:

In for two more and this time making sure to save some for myself!

I love Wellington! I am in.

If you mouse over the square next to your screen name, you’ll see when you joined Woot. On that month you’ll get your B-day coupon good for the entire month but only on 1 woot.

Its when you joined Woot. Holding my curser over your name is says Dec 30

I enjoy Peter’s Rhone varietal whites. This is good juice.

got this last time-- great floral nose, went well with cedar plank salmon. still have six left or would buy again.

Waiting for some Judd’s Hill wine