Wellington 2008 Zinfandels (6)

Once again, no live for Georgia. This is getting ridiculous but I need to rant. Why???

What is going on with the shipping states? I’m sure this question has been asked many times. I know this winery ships to Missouri, because I’m in their wine club. What gives?

It seems to stem from a recent reinterpretation of NY laws which has subsequently affected service from wine.woot to other states as well.

See discussion HERE.

For those of you in the states that now are “not shipped to” states, check the old threads.

EDIT: thanks Chipgreen. See his link.

Each time a new wine introduced, the shipping restrictions link should be posted to help cut down on all extra comments. Yes, we know you just bought from WW and are now suddenly saddened that you can’t. See link.

slow mover, got to work an hour and a half ago (4:30 am WCT now 6 am)only 2% gone.

I would suggest everyone move to CA, but it’s only worthwhile if you want universal wine shipments.

Georgia and about 20 other states were pulled from the ship to list on Sept 9th. It is unlikely that GA will become a ship to state during this Woot Off. It seems like this problem could well persist for some time to come. It may be better to direct your ranting energy towards your legislators.

Ah no too many people out here as it is :slight_smile:


These are good Zins, which I bought last time around.

Wellington- see it, buy it.

Thanks for volunteering to do this, very nice of you.

Last Wooter to Woot: Korista

Or Illinois.

I miss California, but Illinois and Wine.Woot are doing fine by me.